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Publications Citing NACP MsTMIP: Global and North American Driver Data for Multi-Model Intercomparison

The following 15 publications cited the product NACP MsTMIP: Global and North American Driver Data for Multi-Model Intercomparison.

Year Citation
2017 Oliveira, Dener M. S.; Williams, Stephen; Cerri, Carlos E. P.; Paustian, Keith (2017) Predicting soil C changes over sugarcane expansion in Brazil using the DayCent model.GCB Bioenergy. Early View Article(): .
2017 Rollinson, Christine R.; Liu, Yao; Raiho, Ann; Moore, David J. P.; McLachlan, Jason; Bishop, Daniel A.; Dye, Alex; Matthes, Jaclyn H.; Hessl, Amy; Hickler, Thomas; Pederson, Neil; Poulter, Benjamin; Quaife, Tristan; Schaefer, Kevin; Steinkamp, Jörg; Dietz (2017) Emergent climate and CO2 sensitivities of net primary productivity in ecosystem models do not agree with empirical data in temperate forests of eastern North America.Global Change Biology. 23(7): 2755-2767.
2016 Babst, Flurin;Wright, William E.;Szejner, Paul;Wells, Leon;Belmecheri, Soumaya;Monson, Russell K.; (2016) Blue intensity parameters derived from Ponderosa pine tree rings characterize intra-annual density fluctuations and reveal seasonally divergent water limitations.Trees. 30(4): 1403-1415.
2016 Fisher, Joshua B.;Sikka, Munish;Huntzinger, Deborah N.;Schwalm, Christopher;Liu, Junjie; (2016) Technical note: 3-hourly temporal downscaling of monthly global terrestrial biosphere model net ecosystem exchange.Biogeosciences. 13(14): 4271-4277.
2016 Flanagan, Steven;Hurtt, George;Fisk, Justin;Sahajpal, Ritvik;Hansen, Matthew;Dolan, Katelyn;Sullivan, Joe;Zhao, Maosheng; (2016) Potential Vegetation and Carbon Redistribution in Northern North America from Climate Change.Climate. 4(1): 2.
2016 Jafarov, Elchin;Schaefer, Kevin; (2016) The importance of a surface organic layer in simulating permafrost thermal and carbon dynamics.The Cryosphere. 10(1): 465-475.
2016 Li, Xiran;Zhu, Zaichun;Zeng, Hui;Piao, Shilong; (2016) Estimation of gross primary production in China (1982–2010) with multiple ecosystem models.Ecological Modelling. 324(): 33-44.
2016 Liu, Qiang;Fu, Yongshuo H.;Zhu, Zaichun;Liu, Yongwen;Liu, Zhuo;Huang, Mengtian;Janssens, Ivan A.;Piao, Shilong; (2016) Delayed autumn phenology in the Northern Hemisphere is related to change in both climate and spring phenology.Global Change Biology. 22(11): 3702-3711.
2016 Matthes, Jaclyn Hatala;Goring, Simon;Williams, John W.;Dietze, Michael C.; (2016) Benchmarking historical CMIP5 plant functional types across the Upper Midwest and Northeastern United States.Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 121(2): 523-535.
2016 Mekonnen, Zelalem A.;Grant, Robert F.;Schwalm, Christopher; (2016) Sensitivity of modeled NEP to climate forcing and soil at site and regional scales: Implications for upscaling ecosystem models.Ecological Modelling. 320(): 241-257.
2015 Huang, Y.;Gerber, S.; (2015) Global soil nitrous oxide emissions in a dynamic carbon-nitrogen model.Biogeosciences. 12(21): 6405-6427.
2015 Mao, Jiafu; Fu, Wenting; Shi, Xiaoying; Ricciuto, D. M.; Fisher, Joshua, B. ; Dickinson, Robert E. ; Wei, Yaxing; Shem, Willis; Piao, Shilong; Wang, Kaicun; Schwalm, Christopher R.; Tian, Hanqin; Mu, Mingquan; Arain, Altaf; Ciais, Philippe; Cook, Robert; (2015). Disentangling climatic and anthropogenic controls on global terrestrial evapotranspiration trends, Environmental Research Letters, 10 (9).
2015 Schwalm, Christopher R.; Huntzinger, Deborah N.; Fisher, Joshua B.; Michalak, Anna M.; Bowman, Kevin; Ciais, Philippe; Cook, Robert; El-Masri, Bassil; Hayes, Daniel; Huang, Maoyi; Ito, Akihiko; Jain, Atul; King, Anthony W.; Lei, Huimin; Liu, Junjie; Lu, C (2015). Toward “optimal” integration of terrestrial biosphere models, Geophysical Research Letters, 42 (11).
2014 Wei, Y.; Liu, S.; Huntzinger, D. N.; Michalak, A. M.; Viovy, N.; Post, W. M.; Schwalm, C. R.; Schaefer, K.; Jacobson, A. R.; Lu, C.; Tian, H.; Ricciuto, D. M.; Cook, R. B.; Mao, J. and Shi, X. (2014) The North American Carbon Program Multi-scale Synthesis and Terrestrial Model Intercomparison Project – Part 2: Environmental driver data. Geosci. Model Dev. 7(6): 2875-2893. .
2014 Zscheischler, Jakob; Michalak, Anna M.; Schwalm, Christopher; Mahecha, Miguel D.; Huntzinger, Deborah N.; Reichstein, Markus; Berthier, Gwenaëlle; Ciais, Philippe; Cook, Robert B.; El-Masri, Bassil; Huang, Maoyi; Ito, Akihiko; Jain, Atul; King, Anthony; Lei, Huimin; Lu, Chaoqun; Mao, Jiafu; Peng, Shushi; Poulter, Benjamin; Ricciuto, Daniel; Shi, Xiaoying; Tao, Bo; Tian, Hanqin; Viovy, Nicolas; Wang, Weile; Wei, Yaxing; Yang, Jia and Zeng, Ning. (2014) Impact of large-scale climate extremes on biospheric carbon fluxes: An intercomparison based on MsTMIP data. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 28(6): 585-600. .