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Publications Citing Daymet: Daily Surface Weather Data on a 1-km Grid for North America, Version 2

The following 165 publications cited the product Daymet: Daily Surface Weather Data on a 1-km Grid for North America, Version 2.

Year Citation
2018 Monteiro, Leonardo A.; Sentelhas, Paulo C.; Pedra, George U. (2018) Assessment of NASA/POWER satellite-based weather system for Brazilian conditions and its impact on sugarcane yield simulation.International Journal of Climatology. 38(3): 1571-1581.
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2017 Buma, Brian; Livneh, Ben (2017) Key landscape and biotic indicators of watersheds sensitivity to forest disturbance identified using remote sensing and historical hydrography data.Environmental Research Letters. Accepted Manuscript(): .
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2017 Chamberlain, Samuel D.; Groffman, Peter M.; Boughton, Elizabeth H.; Gomez-Casanovas, Nuria; DeLucia, Evan H.; Bernacchi, Carl J.; Sparks, Jed P. (2017) The impact of water management practices on subtropical pasture methane emissions and ecosystem service payments.Ecological Applications. 27(4): 1199-1209.
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2017 Hallema, Dennis W.;Sun, Ge;Caldwell, Peter V.;Norman, Steven P.;Cohen, Erika C.;Liu, Yongqiang;Ward, Eric J.;McNulty, Steven G.; (2017) Assessment of wildland fire impacts on watershed annual water yield: Analytical framework and case studies in the United States.Ecohydrology. 10(2): e1794.
2017 Hénault-Ethier, Louise; Gomes, Marcelo Pedrosa; Lucotte, Marc; Smedbol, Élise; Maccario, Sophie; Lepage, Laurent; Juneau, Philippe; Labrecque, Michel (2017) High yields of riparian buffer strips planted with Salix miyabena ‘SX64’ along field crops in Québec, Canada.Biomass and Bioenergy. 105(): 219-229.
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