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Publications Citing LBA-ECO CD-32 LBA Model Intercomparison Project (LBA-MIP) Forcing Data

The following 3 publications cited the product LBA-ECO CD-32 LBA Model Intercomparison Project (LBA-MIP) Forcing Data.

Year Citation
2017 Moghim, Sanaz;McKnight, Shawna L.;Zhang, Ke;Ebtehaj, Ardeshir M.;Knox, Ryan G.;Bras, Rafael L.;Moorcroft, Paul R.;Wang, Jingfeng; (2017) Bias-corrected data sets of climate model outputs at uniform space-time resolution for land surface modelling over Amazonia.International Journal of Climatology. 37(2): 621-636.
2015 Moghim, Sanaz; Bowen, Andrew Jay; Sarachi, Sepideh; Wang, Jingfeng (2015). Retrieval of Hourly Records of Surface Hydrometeorological Variables Using Satellite Remote Sensing Data, Journal of Hydrometeorology, 16 (1).
2015 Pilotto, Isabel L; Rodriguez, Daniel A; Tomasella, Javier; Sampaio, Gilvan; Chou, Sin Chan (2015). Comparisons of the Noah-MP land surface model simulations with measurements of forest and crop sites in Amazonia, Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, 127 (6).