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Publications Citing LBA-ECO LC-31 Simple Tropical Ecosystem Model

The following publication cited the product LBA-ECO LC-31 Simple Tropical Ecosystem Model.

Year Citation
2021 Mendes, K.R., S. Campos, P.R. Mutti, R.R. Ferreira, T.M. Ramos, T.V. Marques, J.S. dos Reis, M.M. de Lima Vieira, A.C.N. Silva, A.M.S. Marques, D.T.C. da Silva, D.F. da Silva, C.P. Oliveira, W.A. Goncalves, G.B. Costa, M.F. Pompelli, R.A. Marenco, A.C.D. Antonino, R.S.C. Menezes, B.G. Bezerra, and C.M. Santos e Silva. 2021. Assessment of SITE for CO2 and Energy Fluxes Simulations in a Seasonally Dry Tropical Forest (Caatinga Ecosystem). Forests. 12(1):86.