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Publications Citing NACP Aboveground Biomass and Carbon Baseline Data, V.2 (NBCD 2000), U.S.A., 2000

The following 14 publications cited the product NACP Aboveground Biomass and Carbon Baseline Data, V.2 (NBCD 2000), U.S.A., 2000.

Year Citation
2016 Deo, Ram K.;Russell, Matthew B.;Domke, Grant M.;Woodall, Christopher W.;Falkowski, Michael J.;Cohen, Warren B.; (2016) Using Landsat Time-Series and LiDAR to Inform Aboveground Forest Biomass Baselines in Northern Minnesota, USA.Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing. 43(1): 28-47.
2016 Dilling, Lisa;Kelsey, Katharine C.;Fernandez, Daniel P.;Huang, Yin D.;Milford, Jana B.;Neff, Jason C.; (2016) Managing Carbon on Federal Public Lands: Opportunities and Challenges in Southwestern Colorado.Environmental Management. 58(2): 283-296.
2016 Dowie, Nicholas J.;Grubisha, Lisa C.;Trowbridge, Steven M.;Klooster, Matthew R.;Miller, Steven L.; (2016) Variability of ecological and autotrophic host specificity in a mycoheterotrophic system: Pterospora andromedea and associated fungal and conifer hosts.Fungal Ecology. 20(): 97-107.
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2015 Sleeter, Benjamin M; Liu, Jinxun; Daniel, Colin; Frid, Leonardo; Zhu, Zhiliang (2015). An integrated approach to modeling changes in land use, land cover, and disturbance and their impact on ecosystem carbon dynamics: a case study in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, AIMS Environ Sci, 2 ().
2014 Chopping, Mark; Duchesne, Rocio and North, Malcolm. (2014) Assessing remotely-sensed aboveground biomass estimates in the Sierra National Forest. 2014 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS). 2014 IEEE.
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2014 Pond, Nan C.;Froese, Robert E.;Deo, Ram K.;Falkowski, Michael J.; (2014) Multiscale Validation of an Operational Model of Forest Inventory Attributes Developed with Constrained Remote Sensing Data.Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing. 40 (1): 43-59.
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2014 Thurner M., Beer, Christian, Santoro, Maurizio, Carvalhais, Nuno, Wutzler, Thomas, Schepaschenko, Dmitry, Shvidenko, Anatoly, Kompter, Elisabeth, Ahrens, Bernhard, Levick, Shaun R., Schmullius, Christiane.; (2014) Carbon stock and density of northern boreal and temperate forests. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 23 (3): 297-310.
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