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Publications Citing LEDAPS Calibration, Reflectance, Atmospheric Correction Preprocessing Code, Version 2

The following 19 publications cited the product LEDAPS Calibration, Reflectance, Atmospheric Correction Preprocessing Code, Version 2.

Year Citation
2017 Adhikari, Pradeep; de Beurs, Kirsten M. (2017) Growth in urban extent and allometric analysis of West African cities.Journal of Land Use Science. 12(42769): 105-124.
2017 Fuchs, Michael; Awan, Adnan A.; Akhtar, Sardar S.; Ahmad, Ijaz; Sadiq, Simon; Razzak, Asif; Haider, Naghmah (2017) Lithological mapping with multispectral data – setup and application of a spectral database for rocks in the Balakot area, Northern Pakistan.Journal of Mountain Science. 14(5): 948-963.
2017 Lippitt, Christopher D.; Franch-Gras, Lluis; García-Roger, Eduardo Moisés; Franch, Belen; Carmona, María José; Serra, Manuel (2017) Quantifying unpredictability: A multiple-model approach based on satellite imagery data from Mediterranean ponds.PLOS ONE. 12(11): e0187958.
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2016 Dvorett, Daniel;Davis, Craig;Pape?, Monica; (2016) Mapping and Hydrologic Attribution of Temporary Wetlands Using Recurrent Landsat Imagery.Wetlands. 36(3): 431-443.
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