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Publications Citing LBA-ECO CD-06 Amazon River Basin Land and Stream Drainage Direction Maps

The following 4 publications cited the product LBA-ECO CD-06 Amazon River Basin Land and Stream Drainage Direction Maps.

Year Citation
2017 Guralnick, Robert; Sales, Lilian Patrícia; Neves, Olívia Viana; De Marco, Paulo; Loyola, Rafael (2017) Model uncertainties do not affect observed patterns of species richness in the Amazon.PLOS ONE. 12(10): e0183785.
2017 Harvey, Michael G.; Aleixo, Alexandre; Ribas, Camila C.; Brumfield, Robb T. (2017) Habitat Association Predicts Genetic Diversity and Population Divergence in Amazonian Birds.The American Naturalist. 190(5): 631-648.
2017 Hoorn, Carina; Bogotá-A, Giovanni R.; Romero-Baez, Millerlandy; Lammertsma, Emmy I.; Flantua, Suzette G. A.; Dantas, Elton L.; Dino, Rodolfo; do Carmo, Dermeval A.; Chemale Jr, Farid (2017) The Amazon at sea: Onset and stages of the Amazon River from a marine record, with special reference to Neogene plant turnover in the drainage basin.Global and Planetary Change. 153(): 51-65.
2014 Gutierrez, Ronald R.; Abad, Jorge D.; Choi, Marianne and Montoro, Hugo. (2014) Characterization of confluences in free meandering rivers of the Amazon basin. Geomorphology. 220: 1-14. .