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Publications Citing NACP Aboveground Biomass and Carbon Baseline Data (NBCD 2000), U.S.A., 2000

The following 31 publications cited the product NACP Aboveground Biomass and Carbon Baseline Data (NBCD 2000), U.S.A., 2000.

Year Citation
2019 Callahan, R.P., K.L. Ferrier, J. Dixon, A. Dosseto, W.J. Hahm, B.S. Jessup, S.N. Miller, C.T. Hunsaker, D.W. Johnson, L.S. Sklar, and C.S. Riebe. 2019. Arrested development: Erosional equilibrium in the southern Sierra Nevada, California, maintained by feedbacks between channel incision and hillslope sediment production. GSA Bulletin. 131(7-8):1179-1202.
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2016 Neeti, N. and R. Kennedy. 2016. Comparison of national level biomass maps for conterminous US: understanding pattern and causes of differences. Carbon Balance and Management. 11(1):
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