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Publications Citing NACP North American Forest Dynamics Project: Forest Disturbance and Regrowth Data

The following 8 publications cited the product NACP North American Forest Dynamics Project: Forest Disturbance and Regrowth Data.

Year Citation
2018 Zhao, F., C. Huang, S.N. Goward, K. Schleeweis, K. Rishmawi, M.A. Lindsey, E. Denning, L. Keddell, W.B. Cohen, Z. Yang, J.L. Dungan, and A. Michaelis. 2018. Development of Landsat-based annual US forest disturbance history maps (1986-2010) in support of the North American Carbon Program (NACP). Remote Sensing of Environment. 209:312-326.
2017 Newburn, D.A. and J.S. Ferris. 2017. Additionality and Forest Conservation Regulation for Residential Development. American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 99(5):1228-1245.
2016 Williams, C.A., H. Gu, R. MacLean, J.G. Masek, and G.J. Collatz. 2016. Disturbance and the carbon balance of US forests: A quantitative review of impacts from harvests, fires, insects, and droughts. Global and Planetary Change. 143:66-80.
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2014 Williams, C.A., G.J. Collatz, J. Masek, C. Huang, and S.N. Goward. 2014. Impacts of disturbance history on forest carbon stocks and fluxes: Merging satellite disturbance mapping with forest inventory data in a carbon cycle model framework. Remote Sensing of Environment. 151:57-71.
2013 Masek, J.G., S.N. Goward, R.E. Kennedy, W.B. Cohen, G.G. Moisen, K. Schleeweis, and C. Huang. 2013. United States Forest Disturbance Trends Observed Using Landsat Time Series. Ecosystems. 16(6):1087-1104.
2013 Schleeweis, K., S.N. Goward, C. Huang, J.G. Masek, G. Moisen, R.E. Kennedy, and N.E. Thomas. 2013. Regional dynamics of forest canopy change and underlying causal processes in the contiguous U.S. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 118(3):1035-1053.