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Publications Citing LBA-ECO LC-01 National, Provincial, and Park Boundaries, Ecuador

The following 3 publications cited the product LBA-ECO LC-01 National, Provincial, and Park Boundaries, Ecuador.

Year Citation
2017 Furze, James N.; Zhu, Q.; Hill, J.; Qiao, F. (2016) Biological Modelling for Sustainable Ecosystems.Mathematical Advances Towards Sustainable Environmental Systems. Online(): 15585.
2013 Furze J.N., Zhu, Quanmin, Qiao, Feng, Hill, Jennifer.; (2013) Functional Enrichment of Utopian Distribution of Plant Life-Forms. American Journal of Plant Sciences. 4 (12): 37-48.
2013 Pappalardo S.E., De Marchi, Massimo, Ferrarese, Francesco.; (2013) Uncontacted Waorani in the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve: Geographical Validation of the Zona Intangible Tagaeri Taromenane (ZITT). PLoS ONE. 8 (6): e66293.