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Publications Citing ECHIDNA LIDAR Campaigns: Forest Canopy Imagery and Field Data, U.S.A., 2007-2009

The following 4 publications cited the product ECHIDNA LIDAR Campaigns: Forest Canopy Imagery and Field Data, U.S.A., 2007-2009.

Year Citation
2018 Ni-Meister, W., W. Yang, S. Lee, A.H. Strahler, and F. Zhao. 2018. Validating modeled lidar waveforms in forest canopies with airborne laser scanning data. Remote Sensing of Environment. 204:229-243.
2018 Orwig, D.A., P. Boucher, I. Paynter, E. Saenz, Z. Li, and C. Schaaf. 2018. The potential to characterize ecological data with terrestrial laser scanning in Harvard Forest, MA. Interface Focus. 8(2):20170044.
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