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Publications Citing ISLSCP II Global Primary Production Data Initiative Gridded NPP Data

The following 3 publications cited the product ISLSCP II Global Primary Production Data Initiative Gridded NPP Data.

Year Citation
2017 Hashimoto, S., K. Nanko, B. Tupek, and A. Lehtonen. 2017. Data-mining analysis of the global distribution of soil carbon in observational databases and Earth system models. Geoscientific Model Development. 10(3):1321-1337.
2012 Luo, Y.Q., J.T. Randerson, G. Abramowitz, C. Bacour, E. Blyth, N. Carvalhais, P. Ciais, D. Dalmonech, J.B. Fisher, R. Fisher, P. Friedlingstein, K. Hibbard, F. Hoffman, D. Huntzinger, C.D. Jones, C. Koven, D. Lawrence, D.J. Li, M. Mahecha, S.L. Niu, R. Norby, S.L. Piao, X. Qi, P. Peylin, I.C. Prentice, W. Riley, M. Reichstein, C. Schwalm, Y.P. Wang, J.Y. Xia, S. Zaehle, and X.H. Zhou. 2012. A framework for benchmarking land models. Biogeosciences. 9(10):3857-3874.
2012 Zhang, F., Ju, W., Chen, J.-M., Wang, S.-Q., Yu, G.-R., & Han, S.-J. (2012). Characteristics of terrestrial ecosystem primary productivity in East Asia based on remote sensing and process-based model. Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology, 23 (2), 307-318.