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Publications Citing ISLSCP II River Routing Data (STN-30p)

The following 7 publications cited the product ISLSCP II River Routing Data (STN-30p).

Year Citation
2019 Heinke, J., C. Muller, M. Lannerstad, D. Gerten, and W. Lucht. 2019. Freshwater resources under success and failure of the Paris climate agreement. Earth System Dynamics. 10(2):205-217.
2018 Werner, C., H.P. Schmidt, D. Gerten, W. Lucht, and C. Kammann. 2018. Biogeochemical potential of biomass pyrolysis systems for limiting global warming to 1.5 degC. Environmental Research Letters. 13(4):044036.
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2017 Semeniuk, K. and A. Dastoor. 2017. Development of a global ocean mercury model with a methylation cycle: outstanding issues. Global Biogeochemical Cycles.
2016 Emery, C.M., S. Biancamaria, A. Boone, P.A. Garambois, S. Ricci, M.C. Rochoux, and B. Decharme. 2016. Temporal Variance-Based Sensitivity Analysis of the River-Routing Component of the Large-Scale Hydrological Model ISBA-TRIP: Application on the Amazon Basin. Journal of Hydrometeorology. 17(12):3007-3027.
2016 Nevison, C., P. Hess, S. Riddick, and D. Ward. 2016. Denitrification, leaching, and river nitrogen export in the Community Earth System Model. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems. 8(1):272-291.
2013 McCrackin, M.L., J.A. Harrison, and J.E. Compton. 2013. A comparison of NEWS and SPARROW models to understand sources of nitrogen delivered to US coastal areas. Biogeochemistry. 114(1-3):281-297.