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Publications Citing ISLSCP II River Routing Data (STN-30p)

The following 6 publications cited the product ISLSCP II River Routing Data (STN-30p).

Year Citation
2018 Werner, C; Schmidt, H-P; Gerten, D; Lucht, W; Kammann, C (2018) Biogeochemical potential of biomass pyrolysis systems for limiting global warming to 1.5?°C.Environmental Research Letters. 13(4): 044036.
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2017 Semeniuk, Kirill; Dastoor, Ashu (2017) Development of a global ocean mercury model with a methylation cycle: Outstanding issues.Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 31(2): 2016GB005452.
2016 Emery, Charlotte M.;Biancamaria, Sylvain;Boone, Aaron;Garambois, Pierre-André;Ricci, Sophie;Rochoux, Mélanie C.;Decharme, Bertrand; (2016) Temporal Variance-Based Sensitivity Analysis of the River-Routing Component of the Large-Scale Hydrological Model ISBA–TRIP: Application on the Amazon Basin.Journal of Hydrometeorology. 17(12): 3007-3027.
2016 Nevison, Cynthia;Hess, Peter;Riddick, Stuart;Ward, Dan; (2016) Denitrification, leaching, and river nitrogen export in the Community Earth System Model.Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems. 8(1): 272-291.
2013 McCrackin M., Harrison, John A, Compton, Jana E.; (2013) A comparison of NEWS and SPARROW models to understand sources of nitrogen delivered to US coastal areas. Biogeochemistry. 114 (1-3): 281-297.