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Publications Citing CARbon Atmosphere Flux Experiment (CARAFE)

The following 2 publications cited the CARbon Atmosphere Flux Experiment (CARAFE) project.

YearCitationDataset or Project
2020Hannun, R.A., G.M. Wolfe, S.R. Kawa, T.F. Hanisco, P.A. Newman, J.G. Alfieri, J. Barrick, K.L. Clark, J.P. DiGangi, G.S. Diskin, J. King, W.P. Kustas, B. Mitra, A. Noormets, J.B. Nowak, K.L. Thornhill, and R. Vargas. 2020. Spatial heterogeneity in CO2, CH4, and energy fluxes: insights from airborne eddy covariance measurements over the Mid-Atlantic region. Environmental Research Letters. 15(3):035008.
2018Wolfe, G.M., S.R. Kawa, T.F. Hanisco, R.A. Hannun, P.A. Newman, A. Swanson, S. Bailey, J. Barrick, K.L. Thornhill, G. Diskin, J. DiGangi, J.B. Nowak, C. Sorenson, G. Bland, J.K. Yungel, and C.A. Swenson. 2018. The NASA Carbon Airborne Flux Experiment (CARAFE): instrumentation and methodology. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 11(3):1757-1776.