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Publications Citing MODIS/ASTER Airborne Simulator (MASTER)

The following 36 publications cited the MODIS/ASTER Airborne Simulator (MASTER) project.

YearCitationDataset or Project
2023Richer-de-Forges, A.C., Q. Chen, N. Baghdadi, S. Chen, C. Gomez, S. Jacquemoud, G. Martelet, V.L. Mulder, D. Urbina-Salazar, E. Vaudour, M. Weiss, J. Wigneron, and D. Arrouays. 2023. Remote Sensing Data for Digital Soil Mapping in French Research—A Review. Remote Sensing. 15(12):3070.
2021Ustin, S.L. and E.M. Middleton. 2021. Current and near-term advances in Earth observation for ecological applications. Ecological Processes. 10(1).
2021van Gerrevink, M.J. and S. Veraverbeke. 2021. Evaluating the Near and Mid Infrared Bi-Spectral Space for Assessing Fire Severity and Comparison with the Differenced Normalized Burn Ratio. Remote Sensing. 13(4):695.
2019Shivers, S.W., D.A. Roberts, and J.P. McFadden. 2019. Using paired thermal and hyperspectral aerial imagery to quantify land surface temperature variability and assess crop stress within California orchards. Remote Sensing of Environment. 222:215-231.
2018Wetherley, E.B., J.P. McFadden, and D.A. Roberts. 2018. Megacity-scale analysis of urban vegetation temperatures. Remote Sensing of Environment. 213:18-33.
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2015Coates, A., P. Dennison, D. Roberts, and K. Roth. 2015. Monitoring the Impacts of Severe Drought on Southern California Chaparral Species using Hyperspectral and Thermal Infrared Imagery. Remote Sensing. 7(11):14276-14291.
2015Grigsby, S.P., G.C. Hulley, D.A. Roberts, C. Scheele, S.L. Ustin, and M.M. Alsina. 2015. Improved surface temperature estimates with MASTER/AVIRIS sensor fusion. Remote Sensing of Environment. 167:53-63.
2015Palacios, S.L., R.M. Kudela, L.S. Guild, K.H. Negrey, J. Torres-Perez, and J. Broughton. 2015. Remote sensing of phytoplankton functional types in the coastal ocean from the HyspIRI Preparatory Flight Campaign. Remote Sensing of Environment. 167:269-280.
2015Roberts, D.A., P.E. Dennison, K.L. Roth, K. Dudley, and G. Hulley. 2015. Relationships between dominant plant species, fractional cover and Land Surface Temperature in a Mediterranean ecosystem. Remote Sensing of Environment. 167:152-167.
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2015Zhao, Q., S. Myint, E. Wentz, and C. Fan. 2015. Rooftop Surface Temperature Analysis in an Urban Residential Environment. Remote Sensing. 7(9):12135-12159.
2014Capolsini, P., S. Andrefouet, C. Rion, and C. Payri. 2014. A comparison of Landsat ETM+, SPOT HRV, Ikonos, ASTER, and airborne MASTER data for coral reef habitat mapping in South Pacific islands. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing. 29(2):187-200.
2014Hultquist, C., G. Chen, and K. Zhao. 2014. A comparison of Gaussian process regression, random forests and support vector regression for burn severity assessment in diseased forests. Remote Sensing Letters. 5(8):723-732.
2014Li, P. and W.M. Moon. 2014. Land cover classification using MODIS-ASTER airborne simulator (MASTER) data and NDVI: a case study of the Kochang area, Korea. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing. 30(2):123-136.
2014Mollot, L.A., D. Munro, and R.E. Bilby. 2014. Classifying fine-scale spatial structure of riparian forests using hyperspectral high-resolution remotely sensed imagery at the Cedar River municipal watershed in western Washington, USA. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing. 33(2):99-108.
2013Cheng, T., D. Riano, A. Koltunov, M.L. Whiting, S.L. Ustin, and J. Rodriguez. 2013. Detection of diurnal variation in orchard canopy water content using MODIS/ASTER airborne simulator (MASTER) data. Remote Sensing of Environment. 132:1-12.
2013Tan, J. and K.A. Cherkauer. 2013. Assessing stream temperature variation in the Pacific Northwest using airborne thermal infrared remote sensing. Journal of Environmental Management. 115:206-216.
2012Tkacik, D.S., Y. Luna-Cruz, N. Clinton, S. Spak, and J. Ryan. 2012. Atmospheric correction for MASTER image data using localized modelled and observed meteorology and trace gases. Remote Sensing Letters. 3(3):201-209.
2012Veraverbeke, S., S. Hook, and G. Hulley. 2012. An alternative spectral index for rapid fire severity assessments. Remote Sensing of Environment. 123:72-80.
2012Veraverbeke, S., S.J. Hook, and S. Harris. 2012. Synergy of VSWIR (0.4-2.5mm) and MTIR (3.5-12.5mm) data for post-fire assessments. Remote Sensing of Environment. 124:771-779.
2012Zarate-Valdez, J.L., M.L. Whiting, B.D. Lampinen, S. Metcalf, S.L. Ustin, and P.H. Brown. 2012. Prediction of leaf area index in almonds by vegetation indexes. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 85:24-32.
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