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Publications Citing Services

The following 12 publications cited the Services project.

YearCitationDataset or Project
2017Cruz, F. T.; Narisma, G. T.; Dado, J. B.; Singhruck, P.; Tangang, F.; Linarka, U. A.; Wati, T.; Juneng, L.; Phan-Van, T.; Ngo-Duc, T.; Santisirisomboon, J.; Gunawan, D.; Aldrian, E. (2017) Sensitivity of temperature to physical parameterization schemes of RegCM4 over the CORDEX-Southeast Asia region.International Journal of Climatology. Early View Article.
2017Cruz, Faye T; Sasaki, Hidetaka (2017) Simulation of Present Climate over Southeast Asia Using the Non-Hydrostatic Regional Climate Model.SOLA. 13 13-18.
2017Tafelmeier, Stefanie; Pernigotto, Giovanni; Gasparella, Andrea (2017) Annual Performance of Sensible and Total Heat Recovery in Ventilation Systems: Humidity Control Constraints for European Climates.Buildings. 7(2): 28.
2017Tobler, Ray; Rohrlach, Adam; Soubrier, Julien; Bover, Pere; Llamas, Bastien; Tuke, Jonathan; Bean, Nigel; Abdullah-Highfold, Ali; Agius, Shane; O’Donoghue, Amy; O’Loughlin, Isabel; Sutton, Peter; Zilio, Fran; Walshe, Keryn; Williams, Alan N.; Turney, Chri (2017) Aboriginal mitogenomes reveal 50,000 years of regionalism in Australia.Nature. 544(7649): 180-184.
2016Bhaskar, Aditi S.;Jantz, Claire;Welty, Claire;Drzyzga, Scott A.;Miller, Andrew J.; (2016) Coupling of the Water Cycle with Patterns of Urban Growth in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region, United States.JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association. 52(6): 1509-1523.
2016Chew, Clara;Shah, Rashmi;Zuffada, Cinzia;Hajj, George;Masters, Dallas;Mannucci, Anthony J.; (2016) Demonstrating soil moisture remote sensing with observations from the UK TechDemoSat-1 satellite mission.Geophysical Research Letters. 43(7): 3317-3324.
2016CRUZ, Faye T.;SASAKI, Hidetaka;NARISMA, Gemma T.; (2016) Assessing the Sensitivity of the Non-Hydrostatic Regional Climate Model to Boundary Conditions and Convective Schemes over the Philippines.Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II. 94A(0): 165-179.
2016Drastig, Katrin;Palhares, Julio Cesar Pascale;Karbach, Katharina;Prochnow, Annette; (2016) Farm water productivity in broiler production: case studies in Brazil.Journal of Cleaner Production. 135 9-19.
2016Kelle, Friederike Luise (2016) To Claim or Not to Claim? How Territorial Value Shapes Demands for Self-Determination.Comparative Political Studies. 50(7): 992-1020.
2016Micheli, Leonardo;Muller, Matthew;Kurtz, Sarah; (2016) Determining the effects of environment and atmospheric parameters on PV field performance. 1724-1729.
2016Song, Jee Hey;Lee, Yunah;Lee, Dong Soo; (2016) Development of a multimedia model (POPsLTEA) to assess the influence of climate change on the fate and transport of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in East Asia.Science of The Total Environment. 569-570 690-699.
2016Zhuge, X.;Zou, X.; (2016) Test of a Modified Infrared-Only ABI Cloud Mask Algorithm for AHI Radiance Observations.Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology. 55(11): 2529-2546.