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Publications Citing Superior National Forest

The following 3 publications cited the Superior National Forest project.

YearCitationDataset or Project
2018Rautiainen, M., P. Lukes, L. Homolova, A. Hovi, J. Pisek, and M. Mottus. 2018. Spectral Properties of Coniferous Forests: A Review of In Situ and Laboratory Measurements. Remote Sensing. 10(2):207.
2016Hovi, A., J. Liang, L. Korhonen, H. Kobayashi, and M. Rautiainen. 2016. Quantifying the missing link between forest albedo and productivity in the boreal zone. Biogeosciences. 13(21):6015-6030.
2014Kobayashi, H., R. Suzuki, S. Nagai, T. Nakai, and Y. Kim. 2014. Spatial Scale and Landscape Heterogeneity Effects on FAPAR in an Open-Canopy Black Spruce Forest in Interior Alaska. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters. 11(2):564-568.