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NPP Grassland: Consistent Worldwide Site Estimates, 1954-1990, R1


DatasetNPP Grassland: Consistent Worldwide Site Estimates, 1954-1990, R1
Release date2015-05-26
Time period1954-01-01 to 1991-01-01

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In many grasslands, aboveground net primary productivity (ANPP) is commonly estimated by measuring peak aboveground biomass. Estimates of belowground net primary productivity (BNPP), and consequently, total net primary productivity (NPP), are more difficult. We addressed one of the three main objectives of the Global Primary Productivity Data Initiative for grassland systems - to develop simple models or algorithms to estimate missing components of total system NPP.

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Gill, R.A., R.H. Kelly, W.J. Parton, K.A. Day, R.B. Jackson, J.A. Morgan, J.M.O. Scurlock, L.L. Tieszen, J.R. Vande Castle, D.S. Ojima, and X.S. Zhang. 2015. NPP Grassland: Consistent Worldwide Site Estimates, 1954-1990, R1. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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grass_table.csv 2.6KB 1954-01-01 to 1991-01-01

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