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CMS: CO2 Signals Estimated for Fossil Fuel Emissions and Biosphere Flux, California


DatasetCMS: CO2 Signals Estimated for Fossil Fuel Emissions and Biosphere Flux, California
Release date2017-05-05
Time period2010-11-01 to 2011-05-31

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This data set provides estimated CO2 emission signals for 16 regions (air quality basins) in California, USA, during the individual months of November 2010 and May 2011. The CO2 signals were predicted from simulated atmospheric CO2 observations and modeled fossil fuel emissions and biosphere CO2 fluxes. Data is also provided for the land surface in the larger modeling domain outside California. CO2 signals refer to the local enhancement or depletion in atmospheric CO2 concentration caused by fossil fuel emissions or biospheric exchange occurring within the region.

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Fischer, M.L., N.C. Parazoo, K. Brophy, X. Cui, S. Jeong, J. Liu, R. Keeling, T.E. Taylor, K.R. Gurney, T. Oda, and H. Graven. 2017. CMS: CO2 Signals Estimated for Fossil Fuel Emissions and Biosphere Flux, California. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDates
CASA_bioCO2_OCO2_region_201011.csv 25.5KB 2010-11-01 to 2010-11-30
CASA_bioCO2_OCO2_region_201105.csv 29.3KB 2011-05-01 to 2011-05-31
CASA_bioCO2_flask_region_201011.csv 33.1KB 2010-11-01 to 2010-11-30
CASA_bioCO2_flask_region_201105.csv 30.5KB 2011-05-01 to 2011-05-31
Vulcan_ffCO2_OCO2_region_201011.csv 25.3KB 2010-11-01 to 2010-11-30
Vulcan_ffCO2_OCO2_region_201105.csv 28.8KB 2011-05-01 to 2011-05-31
Vulcan_ffCO2_flask_region_201011.csv 32.8KB 2010-11-01 to 2010-11-30
Vulcan_ffCO2_flask_region_201105.csv 35.2KB 2011-05-01 to 2011-05-31

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