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Wind Profile Data: LIDAR - NOAA (FIFE)


DatasetWind Profile Data: LIDAR - NOAA (FIFE)
Release date1994-07-24
ProjectFirst ISLSCP Field Experiment (FIFE)
Time period1987-06-24 to 1987-07-11

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Downloads1182007-12-092017-08-101072 total files downloaded


Wind profile data from NOAA LIDAR measurements

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Gal-Chen, T., and W.L. Eberhard. 1994. Wind Profile Data: LIDAR - NOAA (FIFE). ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDates
71753539.wpl 6.8KB 1987-06-24
71763539.wpl 4.1KB 1987-06-25
71773539.wpl 22.6KB 1987-06-26
71783539.wpl 14.8KB 1987-06-27
71793539.wpl 21.6KB 1987-06-28
71823539.wpl 5.6KB 1987-07-01
71863539.wpl 5.7KB 1987-07-05
71873539.wpl 19.6KB 1987-07-06
71883539.wpl 9.1KB 1987-07-07
71893539.wpl 11.1KB 1987-07-08
71903539.wpl 21.2KB 1987-07-09
71913539.wpl 13.5KB 1987-07-10
71923539.wpl 14.1KB 1987-07-11

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First ISLSCP Field Experiment has 8 companion files.

  • fife.doc
  • fifesite.tdf
  • instgrid.ref
  • tablgrid.ref
  • sitegrid.ext
  • fifesite.ref
  • gridtabl.ref
  • sitegrid.doc

Dataset has 3 companion files.

  • lidar_wind_prof.pdf
  • wind_lid.doc
  • wind_lid.tdf