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LBA-ECO ND-10 Soil Properties of Pasture Chronosequences, Para, Brazil: 1997


DatasetLBA-ECO ND-10 Soil Properties of Pasture Chronosequences, Para, Brazil: 1997
Release date2013-07-01
Time period1997-08-01 to 1997-08-31

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This data set provides the results of soil physical property and chemical measurements of samples collected from two pasture chronosequences (years since conversion from primary forest) located on two ranches south of Santarem, Para, Brazil, and east of the Tapajos River. Soil data includes soil classification, bulk density, texture, and mean concentrations of total nitrogen (N), carbon (C), phosphorus (P), and P fractions. The soils were high clay oxisols and highly sandy entisols. One chronosequence of sites was established on oxisol soils dating 2, 7, and 15 years since conversion from primary forest. A second set of sites, 1, 7, and 15 years old was established on the sandy entisols. Five of the six pasture sites were on a single ranch; the 2-year-old oxisol pasture was the exception. Ten soil samples per site were collected from 0-10 cm depth along random intervals within 100-m transects in August 1997. There are two comma-delimited (.csv) data files with this data set.

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Asner, G.P., A.R. Townsend, and M.M.C. Bustamante. 2013. LBA-ECO ND-10 Soil Properties of Pasture Chronosequences, Para, Brazil: 1997. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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ND10_tapajos_pasture_soil_chemistry.csv 2.8KB 1997-08-01 to 1997-08-31
ND10_tapajos_pastures_P_fractions.csv 2.5KB 1997-08-01 to 1997-08-31

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