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For BOREAS, the level-3s SPOT data, along with the other remotely sensed images, were collected in order to provide spatially extensive information over the primary study areas. This information includes radiant energy, detailed land cover, and biophysical parameter maps such as FPAR and LAI. The SPOT images acquired for the BOREAS project were selected primarily to fill temporal gaps in the Landsat TM image data collection. CCRS collected and supplied the level-3s images to BORIS for use in the remote sensing research activities. Spatially, the level-3s images cover 60-by 60-km portions of the BOREAS NSA and SSA. Temporally, the images cover the period of 17-Apr-1994 to 30-Aug-1996. The images are available in binary image format files. Companion files include (1) an image inventory listing to inform users of the images that are available and (2) example thumbnail images.

A guide document which includes more information about this data set can be found at

ORNL DAAC maintains information on the entire BOREAS Project.

Data Citation

Cite this data set as follows (citation revised on October 29, 2002):

Cihlar, J. 1999. BOREAS Level-3s SPOT Imagery: Scaled At-sensor Radiance in LGSOWG Format. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.


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For information about image inventory dataset Parameter/Variable Names, Variable Description/Definition, and Data File Format see this companion file

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September 21, 1999 (data citation revised on September 30, 2002)

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September 21, 1999

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