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The BOREAS AFM-02 team collected pass-by-pass fluxes (and many other statistics) for a large number of level (constant altitude), straight line passes used in a variety of flight patterns. The data were collected by the University of Wyoming King Air in 1994 BOREAS IFCs 1-3. Most of these data were collected at 60-70 m above ground level, but a significant number of passes were also flown at various levels in the planetary boundary layer, up to about the inversion height. This documentation concerns only the data from the straight and level passes that are presented as original (over the NSA and SSA) and moving window values (over the Transect). Another archive of King Air data is also available, containing data from all the soundings flown by the King Air 1994 IFCs 1-3.

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ORNL DAAC maintains information on the entire BOREAS Project.

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13-Dec-1999 (data set citation revised on 12-Sep-2002)

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