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Publications Citing VEMAP 2: U.S. Monthly Climate Change Scenarios, Version 2

The following 3 publications cited the product VEMAP 2: U.S. Monthly Climate Change Scenarios, Version 2.

Year Citation
2018 Gustafson, E., B. Miranda, and B. Sturtevant. 2018. Can Future CO2 Concentrations Mitigate the Negative Effects of High Temperature and Longer Droughts on Forest Growth?. Forests. 9(11):664.
2009 Pan, Y., R. Birdsey, J. Hom, and K. McCullough. 2009. Separating effects of changes in atmospheric composition, climate and land-use on carbon sequestration of U.S. Mid-Atlantic temperate forests. Forest Ecology and Management. 259(2):151-164.
2004 Gordon, W.S., J.S. Famiglietti, N.L. Fowler, T.G.F. Kittel, and K.A. Hibbard. 2004. VALIDATION OF SIMULATED RUNOFF FROM SIX TERRESTRIAL ECOSYSTEM MODELS: RESULTS FROM VEMAP. Ecological Applications. 14(2):527-545.