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Publications Citing BOREAS/SRC AMS Suite A Surface Meteorological and Radiation Data: 1995

The following 6 publications cited the product BOREAS/SRC AMS Suite A Surface Meteorological and Radiation Data: 1995.

Year Citation
2004 Davidson, A. and S. Wang. 2004. The effects of sampling resolution on the surface albedos of dominant land cover types in the North American boreal region. Remote Sensing of Environment. 93(1-2):211-224.
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2003 Bartlett, P.A., J. Harry McCaughey, P.M. Lafleur, and D.L. Verseghy. 2003. Modelling evapotranspiration at three boreal forest stands using the CLASS: tests of parameterizations for canopy conductance and soil evaporation. International Journal of Climatology. 23(4):427-451.
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