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Publications Citing NPP Boreal Forest: Flakaliden, Sweden, 1986-1996, R1

The following 4 publications cited the product NPP Boreal Forest: Flakaliden, Sweden, 1986-1996, R1.

Year Citation
2007 Luyssaert, S., I. Inglima, et al.; (2007). CO2 balance of boreal, temperate, and tropical forests derived from a global database. Global Change Biology. 13 (12): 2509-2537.
2007 Magnani, F., M. Mencuccini, et al.; (2007). The human footprint in the carbon cycle of temperate and boreal forests. Nature. 447(7146): 849-851.
2005 Andersson, Pal; Berggren, Dan; (2005). Amino Acids, Total Organic and Inorganic Nitrogen in Forest Floor Soil Solution at Low and High Nitrogen Input. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution. 162 (1): 369-384.
2002 Scurlock, J. M. O.; Olson, R. J.; (2002). Terrestrial net primary productivity: A brief history and a new worldwide database. Environmental Reviews. 10 (2): 91-109.