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Publications Citing ATom: Aircraft Flight Track and Navigational Data

The following 3 publications cited the product ATom: Aircraft Flight Track and Navigational Data.

Year Citation
2021 Lamb, K.D., H. Matsui, J.M. Katich, A.E. Perring, J.R. Spackman, B. Weinzierl, M. Dollner, and J.P. Schwarz. 2021. Global-scale constraints on light-absorbing anthropogenic iron oxide aerosols. npj Climate and Atmospheric Science. 4(1):
2021 Liu, M. and H. Matsui. 2021. Improved Simulations of Global Black Carbon Distributions by Modifying Wet Scavenging Processes in Convective and Mixed-Phase Clouds. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 126(3):
2021 Naus, S., S.A. Montzka, P.K. Patra, and M.C. Krol. 2021. A three-dimensional-model inversion of methyl chloroform to constrain the atmospheric oxidative capacity. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 21(6):4809-4824.