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Publications Citing AfriSAR: Mondah Forest Tree Species, Biophysical, and Biomass Data, Gabon, 2016

The following 4 publications cited the product AfriSAR: Mondah Forest Tree Species, Biophysical, and Biomass Data, Gabon, 2016.

Year Citation
2022 Hegarty, J.D., K.E. Cady-Pereira, V.H. Payne, S.S. Kulawik, J.R. Worden, V. Kantchev, H.M. Worden, K. McKain, J.V. Pittman, R. Commane, B.C. Daube Jr., and E.A. Kort. 2022. Validation and error estimation of AIRS MUSES CO profiles with HIPPO, ATom, and NOAA GML aircraft observations. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 15(1):205-223.
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2020 Asopa, U. and S. Kumar. 2020. UAVSAR Tomography for Vertical Profile Generation of Tropical Forest of Mondah National Park, Gabon. Earth and Space Science. 7(10):
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