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Publications Citing NPP Tropical Forest: Barro Colorado, Panama, 1969-1990, R1

The following 3 publications cited the product NPP Tropical Forest: Barro Colorado, Panama, 1969-1990, R1.

Year Citation
2008 Schwendenmann, L., Pendall, E.; (2008). Response of soil organic matter dynamics to conversion from tropical forest to grassland as determined by long-term incubation. Biology and Fertility of Soils. 44 (8): 1053-1062.
2004 Huxman, Travis E.; Smith, Melinda D.; Fay, Philip A.; Knapp, Alan K.; Shaw, M. Rebecca; Loik, Michael E.; Smith, Stanley D.; Tissue, David T.; Zak, John C.; Weltzin, Jake F.; Pockman, William T.; Sala, Osvaldo E.; Haddad, Brent M.; Harte, John; Koch, Geor. ; (2004). Convergence across biomes to a common rain-use efficiency. Nature. 429 (6992): 651-654.
2002 Scurlock, J. M. O.; Olson, R. J.; (2002). Terrestrial net primary productivity: A brief history and a new worldwide database. Environmental Reviews. 10 (2): 91-109.