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Reflectance Reference Targets (OTTER)


DatasetReflectance Reference Targets (OTTER)
Release date1994-07-24
ProjectOregon Transect Ecosystem Research Project (OTTER)
Time period1991-05-15 to 1991-08-24

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Spectral reflectance measurements of flat field targets as reference points representative of pseudo-invariant targets as measured by Spectron SE590 spectrophotometer

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Miller, J.R., J.R. Freemantle, M. Belanger, and Y. Awaya. 1990. Reflectance Reference Targets (OTTER). ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDatesLatitudeLongitude
drdww.txt 4.4KB 1991-05-22 44.60N123.27W
gpitbmr.txt 4.3KB 1991-05-21 44.38N121.68W
grajn.txt 4.2KB 1991-05-21 44.29N121.33W
grch.txt 4.2KB 1991-05-20 45.07N123.95W
grsp.txt 4.1KB 1991-05-21 44.42N121.84W
gstgcljn.txt 4.1KB 1991-05-15 44.29N121.33W
gstgjn.txt 4.4KB 1991-05-21 44.29N121.33W
hyejn.txt 4.3KB 1991-05-21 44.29N121.33W
lrdww.txt 4.4KB 1991-05-22 44.60N123.27W
plotww.txt 4.3KB 1991-05-22 44.60N123.27W
rdch.txt 4.3KB 1991-05-20 45.07N123.95W
rdsbjn.txt 4.3KB 1991-05-21 44.29N121.33W
rdshww.txt 4.3KB 1991-05-22 44.60N123.27W
s3bsoilf.txt 4.4KB 1991-08-24 44.67N122.61W
s3gsoilf.txt 4.4KB 1991-08-24 44.67N122.61W
scioa.txt 4.4KB 1991-05-21 44.67N122.61W
sciob.txt 4.2KB 1991-05-21 44.67N122.61W
scioc.txt 4.2KB 1991-05-21 44.67N122.61W
sciod.txt 4.4KB 1991-05-21 44.67N122.61W
scioe.txt 4.3KB 1991-05-21 44.67N122.61W
sciof.txt 4.4KB 1991-05-21 44.67N122.61W
sciog.txt 4.2KB 1991-05-21 44.67N122.61W
scioh.txt 4.2KB 1991-05-21 44.67N122.61W
sdcjn.txt 4.4KB 1991-05-21 44.29N121.33W
snsp.txt 4.3KB 1991-05-22 44.42N121.84W
st1agrav.txt 4.4KB 1991-08-24 45.07N123.95W
st1ardf.txt 4.4KB 1991-08-24 45.07N123.95W
st1h101.txt 4.3KB 1991-08-24 45.07N123.95W
st1sand.txt 4.4KB 1991-08-24 45.06N123.93W
st1sroad.txt 4.4KB 1991-08-24 45.07N123.95W
st3bsoil.txt 4.4KB 1991-08-24 44.67N122.61W
st3gsoil.txt 4.4KB 1991-08-24 44.67N122.61W
st3rad.txt 4.2KB 1991-08-24 44.67N122.61W
st3rbd.txt 4.4KB 1991-08-24 44.67N122.61W
st3rbl.txt 4.4KB 1991-08-24 44.67N122.61W
st4grav.txt 4.3KB 1991-08-24 44.42N121.84W
st5fgrv.txt 4.4KB 1991-08-24 44.38N121.68W
st5lgrv.txt 4.4KB 1991-08-24 44.38N121.68W
st5rd.txt 4.4KB 1991-08-24 44.38N121.68W
st5soil.txt 4.3KB 1991-08-24 44.38N121.68W
st6gray.txt 4.4KB 1991-08-24 44.29N121.33W
st6grvrd.txt 4.3KB 1991-08-24 44.29N121.33W
st6gstsd.txt 4.4KB 1991-08-24 44.29N121.33W
st6rd.txt 4.3KB 1991-08-24 44.29N121.33W
st6red.txt 4.3KB 1991-08-24 44.29N121.33W
st6rmix.txt 4.3KB 1991-08-24 44.29N121.33W
st6soil.txt 4.4KB 1991-08-24 44.29N121.33W
xrdaclmr.txt 4.1KB 1991-05-15 44.38N121.68W
xrdamr.txt 4.1KB 1991-05-21 44.38N121.68W

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  • SE590_Flat_Field_Reflectance_Data.pdf
  • se590.txt
  • miller.txt