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The Boreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Follow-On Study
(BOREAS Follow-On)
[BOREAS Logo] The Boreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study (BOREAS) Follow-On project extended and built upon the original BOREAS goal of investigating interactions between the boreal forest biome and the atmosphere to clarify their roles in global change. A common set of existing BOREAS in situ and remote-sensing data from 1993-1996 was compiled at point, study area, and regional scales for use by Follow-On investigators. In addition new data were compiled for 1997-1998.

BOREAS Follow-On investigations were divided into four science teams to study different aspects of the boreas system:

  • Derived Surface Parameters (DSP)
  • Flux (FLX)
  • Hydro-Meteorology (HMet)
  • Carbon Modeling (MOD)
BOREAS Resources
The following BOREAS Follow-On resources are maintained by the ORNL DAAC:

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typical ground-level view of evergreen forest