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The BOREAS RSS-03 team collected multiple remotely sensed data sets from the NASA UH-1 helicopter. This data set includes helicopter-based radiometric measurements of forested sites acquired during BOREAS made with an SE-590 processed to reflectance factors. The data used in this analysis were collected in 1994 during the three BOREAS IFCs at numerous tower and auxiliary sites in both the NSA and the SSA. The 15-degree FOV of the SE-590 yielded a ground resolution of approximately 79 m at the 300-m nominal altitude.

A guide document which includes more information about this data set can be found at .

ORNL DAAC maintains information on the entire BOREAS Project.

Data Citation

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Walthall, C. L., and S. Loechel. 1998. BOREAS RSS-03 Reflectance Measured from a Helicopter-Mounted SE-590. Data set. Available on-line [] from Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A. doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/291.


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