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BOREAS Follow-On DSP-06 CASI LAI and Canopy Closure of Conifer Flux Tower Sites


Data setBOREAS Follow-On DSP-06 CASI LAI and Canopy Closure of Conifer Flux Tower Sites
Release date2001-10-02
ProjectBoreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study (BOREAS)
Time period1994-02-07 to 1994-02-11

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The LAI and canopy closure images over the BOREAS conifer flux tower sites were produced at a spatial resolution of 30 m using the Forest-Light Interaction Model. The data used were obtained by the CASI instrument in high spatial resolution mode in the winter of 1994. Additional high resolution LAI and canopy closure images were produced over the two black spruce flux tower sites using the FLIM-CLUS algorithm.

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Miller, J.R., B. Hu, and R.A. Fernandes. 2001. BOREAS Follow-On DSP-06 CASI LAI and Canopy Closure of Conifer Flux Tower Sites. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDatesCompanion file
94-02-07_ssa-obs_cc1.img 397.3KB 1994-02-08 94-02-07_ssa-obs_cc1.hdr
94-02-07_ssa-obs_cc2.img 3.6KB 1994-02-08 94-02-07_ssa-obs_cc2.hdr
94-02-07_ssa-obs_lai1.img 397.3KB 1994-02-08 94-02-07_ssa-obs_lai1.hdr
94-02-07_ssa-obs_lai2.img 3.6KB 1994-02-08 94-02-07_ssa-obs_lai2.hdr
94-02-07_ssa-ojp_cc2.img 49.2KB 1994-02-07 94-02-07_ssa-ojp_cc2.hdr
94-02-07_ssa-ojp_lai2.img 49.2KB 1994-02-07 94-02-07_ssa-ojp_lai2.hdr
94-02-07_ssa-yjp_cc2.img 18.9KB 1994-02-08 94-02-07_ssa-yjp_cc2.hdr
94-02-07_ssa-yjp_lai2.img 18.9KB 1994-02-08 94-02-07_ssa-yjp_lai2.hdr
94-02-10_nsa-obs_cc1.img 670.7KB 1994-02-10 94-02-10_nsa-obs_cc1.hdr
94-02-10_nsa-obs_cc2.img 6.1KB 1994-02-10 94-02-10_nsa-obs_cc2.hdr
94-02-10_nsa-obs_lai1.img 670.7KB 1994-02-10 94-02-10_nsa-obs_lai1.hdr
94-02-10_nsa-obs_lai2.img 6.1KB 1994-02-10 94-02-10_nsa-obs_lai2.hdr
94-02-10_nsa-ojp_cc2.img 4.1KB 1994-02-10 94-02-10_nsa-ojp_cc2.hdr
94-02-10_nsa-ojp_lai2.img 4.1KB 1994-02-10 94-02-10_nsa-ojp_lai2.hdr
94-02-11_nsa-yjp_cc2.img 29.7KB 1994-02-11 94-02-11_nsa-yjp_cc2.hdr
94-02-11_nsa-yjp_lai2.img 29.7KB 1994-02-11 94-02-11_nsa-yjp_lai2.hdr

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