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BOREAS Landsat TM Level-3b Imagery: At-Sensor Radiance in BSQ Format


DatasetBOREAS Landsat TM Level-3b Imagery: At-Sensor Radiance in BSQ Format
Release date1999-11-12
Time period1984-06-22 to 1996-07-30

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For BOREAS, the level-3b Landsat TM data, along with the other remotely sensed images, were collected in order to provide spatially extensive information over the primary study areas. This information includes radiant energy, detailed land cover, and biophysical parameter maps such as FPAR and LAI. Geographically, the level-3b images cover the BOREAS NSA and SSA. Temporally, the images cover the period of 22-Jun-1984 to 30-Jul-1996.

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Newcomer, J. A., and J. Cihlar. 1999. BOREAS Landsat TM Level-3b Imagery: At-Sensor Radiance in BSQ Format. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDates 174.7MB 1988-06-01 158.3MB 1988-09-05 183.1MB 1993-08-02 162.8MB 1992-08-06 211.8MB 1995-04-09 156.6MB 1989-08-07 165.4MB 1994-06-09 183.9MB 1996-07-09 181.0MB 1994-02-10 187.3MB 1995-05-11 148.0MB 1988-08-20 156.9MB 1985-08-19 168.9MB 1995-06-21 180.9MB 1986-08-15 188.1MB 1995-02-13 188.3MB 1996-05-22 160.0MB 1991-07-28 374.3MB 1984-06-22 152.7MB 1990-07-25

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