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BOREAS RSS-02 Level-1b ASAS Image Data: At-sensor Radiance in BSQ Format

Data Set Overview

Data setBOREAS RSS-02 Level-1b ASAS Image Data: At-sensor Radiance in BSQ Format
Release date2000-11-16
ProjectBoreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study
Time Period1994-04-19 to 1996-07-20


The BOREAS RSS-02 team used the ASAS instrument, mounted on the NASA C-130 aircraft, to create at-sensor radiance images of various sites as a function of spectral wavelength, view geometry (combinations of view zenith angle, view azimuth angle, solar zenith angle, and solar azimuth angle), and altitude. The level-1b ASAS images of the BOREAS study areas were collected from April to September 1994 and March to July 1996.


Data set reference document


Irons, J. R., and P. W. Dabney. 2000. BOREAS RSS-02 Level-1b ASAS Image Data: At-sensor Radiance in BSQ Format. Data set. Available on-line [] from Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A. doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/562
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Boreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study: The Boreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study was a large-scale international interdisciplinary experiment in the boreal forests of central Canada. Its focus was improving our understanding of the exchanges of radiative energy, sensible heat, water, CO2 and trace gases between the boreal forest and the lower atmosphere. A primary objective of BOREAS was to collect the data needed to improve computer simulation models of the important processes controlling these exchanges so that scientists can anticipate the effects of global change, principally altered temperature and precipitation patterns, on the biome.

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  • rss02_asas_l1b_96_inv.dat
  • RSS02_ASAS_L1B.txt
  • asas_l1b.def
  • rss02_asas_l1b_94_inv.dat
  • RSS02_ASAS_L1B.doc
  • RSS02_ASAS_L1B.pdf

Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDates
asas1b-nsa-fen-20apr94-1923-minus15-39-32-11.img 603.8 KB 1994-04-20
asas1b-nsa-fen-20apr94-1923-minus26-39-32-11.img 505.2 KB 1994-04-20
asas1b-nsa-fen-20apr94-1923-minus45-39-32-11.img 801.1 KB 1994-04-20
asas1b-nsa-fen-20apr94-1923-minus55-39-32-11.img 801.1 KB 1994-04-20
asas1b-nsa-fen-20apr94-1923-nadir-39-32-11.img 702.5 KB 1994-04-20
asas1b-nsa-fen-20apr94-1923-plus15-39-32-11.img 505.2 KB 1994-04-20
asas1b-nsa-fen-20apr94-1923-plus26-39-32-11.img 801.1 KB 1994-04-20
asas1b-nsa-fen-20apr94-1923-plus45-39-32-11.img 801.1 KB 1994-04-20
asas1b-nsa-fen-20apr94-1923-plus60-39-32-11.img 801.1 KB 1994-04-20
asas1b-nsa-yjp-18jul96-1931-minus26-39-32-11.img 801.1 KB 1996-07-18
asas1b-nsa-yjp-18jul96-1931-minus45-39-32-11.img 801.1 KB 1996-07-18
asas1b-nsa-yjp-18jul96-1931-minus55-39-32-11.img 801.1 KB 1996-07-18
asas1b-nsa-yjp-18jul96-1931-nadir-39-32-11.img 1.1 MB 1996-07-18
asas1b-nsa-yjp-18jul96-1931-plus26-39-32-11.img 1.2 MB 1996-07-18
asas1b-nsa-yjp-18jul96-1931-plus45-39-32-11.img 1.4 MB 1996-07-18
asas1b-nsa-yjp-18jul96-1931-plus60-39-32-11.img 1.6 MB 1996-07-18
asas1b-ssa-fen-20jul96-1813-minus26-39-32-11.img 801.1 KB 1996-07-20
asas1b-ssa-fen-20jul96-1813-minus45-39-32-11.img 899.8 KB 1996-07-20
asas1b-ssa-fen-20jul96-1813-minus55-39-32-11.img 998.4 KB 1996-07-20
asas1b-ssa-fen-20jul96-1813-nadir-39-32-11.img 801.1 KB 1996-07-20
asas1b-ssa-fen-20jul96-1813-plus26-39-32-11.img 998.4 KB 1996-07-20
asas1b-ssa-fen-20jul96-1813-plus45-39-32-11.img 1.6 MB 1996-07-20
asas1b-ssa-fen-20jul96-1813-plus60-39-32-11.img 2.2 MB 1996-07-20
asas1b-ssa-obs-21jul94-1848-minus26-39-32-11.img 801.1 KB 1994-07-21
asas1b-ssa-obs-21jul94-1848-minus45-39-32-11.img 801.1 KB 1994-07-21
asas1b-ssa-obs-21jul94-1848-minus55-39-32-11.img 801.1 KB 1994-07-21
asas1b-ssa-obs-21jul94-1848-nadir-39-32-11.img 801.1 KB 1994-07-21
asas1b-ssa-obs-21jul94-1848-plus26-39-32-11.img 801.1 KB 1994-07-21
asas1b-ssa-obs-21jul94-1848-plus45-39-32-11.img 801.1 KB 1994-07-21
asas1b-ssa-obs-21jul94-1848-plus60-39-32-11.img 801.1 KB 1994-07-21