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Model Products

MODELS: The Model Archive allows users to evaluate the uncertainties of model results in comparison to results from other models in assessment/policy studies. In addition, the archived models allow users to see how models treat individual processes (source code) and what the model inputs were (state parameters, spin-up data, driving variables). For each model the DAAC will have documentation, source code (with version number), input data, example output data, and post-processing or analysis code (if applicable).

All model products are available FREE of charge. You will need to sign in to order model products. Currently 16 model products are available online.

Beginning the MODELS dataset list

Benchmark (8 model products)

Benchmark model product Published Documentation Download Size
* Biome-BGC: Terrestrial Ecosystem Process Model, Version 4.1.1 2005-09-12 1.7 MB
* CENTURY: Modeling Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change, Version 4 (VEMAP 1995)2005-12-19 21.8 MB
* Integrated Biosphere Simulator Model (IBIS), Version 2.5 2005-09-12 0.3 MB
* Land Surface Model (LSM 1.0) for Ecological, Hydrological, Atmospheric Studies2005-09-12 1.9 MB
* LINKAGES: An Individual-based Forest Ecosystem Biogeochemistry Model2013-06-17 1.3 MB
* Lund-Potsdam-Jena Wetland Hydrology and Methane DGV Model (LPJ-WHyMe v1.3.1)2013-04-09 0.6 MB
* MAPSS: Mapped Atmosphere-Plant-Soil System Model, Version 1.0 2007-12-31 0.8 MB
* PnET Models: Carbon, Nitrogen, Water Dynamics in Forest Ecosystems (Vers. 4 and 5)2005-12-06 2.4 MB

Manuscript (6 model products)

Manuscript model product Published Documentation Download Size
* BDSNP Module for Improved Soil NO Emission Estimates for CMAQ Model, Conterminous USA2016-11-16 550.7 MB
* Biome-BGC: Modeling Carbon Dynamics in Ponderosa Pine Stands (Law et al. 2003)2005-09-12 1.7 MB
* Biome-BGC: Modeling Effects of Disturbance and Climate (Thornton et al. 2002) 2005-09-12 2.6 MB
* Ecosystem Demography Model: Scaling Vegetation Dynamics Across South America 2013-03-27 39.2 MB
* Ecosystem Demography Model: U.S. Ecosystem Carbon Stocks and Fluxes, 1700-19902013-05-20 42.4 MB
* PnET-BGC: Modeling Biogeochemical Processes in a Northern Hardwood Forest Ecosystem2005-12-06 0.3 MB

Data Processing Algorithms (2 model products)

Data Processing Algorithms model product Published Documentation Download Size
* LEDAPS Calibration, Reflectance, Atmospheric Correction Preprocessing Code, Version 22013-03-01
* LEDAPS Landsat Calibration, Reflectance, Atmospheric Correction Preprocessing Code 2012-05-07

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