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Model Products
All model products are available FREE of charge. Each model product in the list ends with the date it first became available from the ORNL DAAC. You will need to Sign In above to order model products. Currently 15 model products are available on-line.

Beginning the MODELS dataset list

5 Benchmark model products.

*Biome-BGC: Modeling Carbon Dynamics in Ponderosa Pine Stands (Law et al. 2003) (2005.09.12)  Document || Download (1.7 MB) || Model
*Biome-BGC: Modeling Effects of Disturbance and Climate (Thornton et al. 2002) (2005.09.12)  Document || Download (2.6 MB) || Model
*Ecosystem Demography Model: Scaling Vegetation Dynamics Across South America (2013.03.27)  Document || Download (39.3 MB) || Model
*Ecosystem Demography Model: U.S. Ecosystem Carbon Stocks and Fluxes, 1700-1990 (2013.05.20)  Document || Download (42.4 MB) || Model
*PnET-BGC: Modeling Biogeochemical Processes in a Northern Hardwood Forest Ecosystem (2005.12.06)  Document || Download (0.3 MB) || Model

2 Manuscript model products.

*LEDAPS Calibration, Reflectance, Atmospheric Correction Preprocessing Code, Version 2 (2013.03.01)  Document || Download (2326.1 MB) || Model
*LEDAPS Landsat Calibration, Reflectance, Atmospheric Correction Preprocessing Code (2012.05.07)  Document || Download (0.0 MB) || Model