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Data setBOREAS RSS-16 AIRSAR CM V6.1 Images
Release date2017-07-11
ProjectBoreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study (BOREAS)
Time period1993-08-12 to 1995-07-31

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Downloads942008-01-072017-07-111293 total files downloaded


Satellite and aircraft SAR data used in conjunction with ground measurements to determine the moisture regime of the boreal forest. The NASA JPL AIRSAR is a side-looking imaging radar system that utilizes the SAR principle to obtain high-resolution images that represent the radar backscatter of the imaged surface at different frequencies and polarizations. The information contained in each pixel of the AIRSAR data represents the radar backscatter for all possible combinations of horizontal and vertical transmit and receive polarizations (i.e., HH, HV, VH, and VV).

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Saatchi, S.S. 2000. BOREAS RSS-16 AIRSAR CM V6.1 Images. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDatesLatitudeLongitudeBrowse image
airsar_5192.tar.gz 72.4MB 1994-06-11 53.97N to 53.85N104.25W to 104.95W ssa_sfjp_061194_cm5192.gif
airsar_5230.tar.gz 77.4MB 1994-06-11 54.04N to 53.91N104.30W to 104.99W ssa_sfjp_061194_cm5230.gif
airsar_5244.tar.gz 230.9MB 1995-07-31 54.09N to 53.89N104.43W to 105.51W ssa_073195_cm5244.gif
airsar_5245.tar.gz 231.0MB 1995-07-31 53.99N to 53.79N104.12W to 105.20W ssa_073195_cm5245.gif
airsar_5246.tar.gz 233.4MB 1995-07-31 54.10N to 53.89N104.10W to 105.19W ssa_073195_cm5246.gif
airsar_5249.tar.gz 233.0MB 1995-07-31 54.21N to 54.01N104.12W to 105.21W ssa_073195_cm5249.gif
airsar_5258.tar.gz 231.6MB 1995-07-31 53.98N to 53.78N104.44W to 105.53W ssa_073195_cm5258.gif
airsar_5271.tar.gz 73.4MB 1994-07-21 53.93N to 53.84N104.34W to 105.13W ssa_072194_cm5271.gif
airsar_5273.tar.gz 73.0MB 1994-07-23 53.97N to 53.85N104.25W to 104.95W ssa_sfjp_072394_cm5273.gif
airsar_5276.tar.gz 74.6MB 1994-07-23 53.97N to 53.85N104.25W to 104.95W ssa_sfjp_072394_cm5276.gif
airsar_5278.tar.gz 72.7MB 1994-07-25 53.99N to 53.86N104.25W to 104.96W ssa_sfjp_072594_cm5278.gif
airsar_5279.tar.gz 73.0MB 1994-07-25 53.99N to 53.87N104.25W to 104.96W ssa_sfjp_072594_cm5279.gif
airsar_5283.tar.gz 72.9MB 1994-07-28 53.98N to 53.86N104.25W to 104.96W ssa_sfjp_072894_cm5283.gif
airsar_5284.tar.gz 72.7MB 1994-06-11 53.98N to 53.85N104.26W to 104.95W ssa_sfjp_061194_cm5284.gif
airsar_5285.tar.gz 72.6MB 1994-09-20 53.98N to 53.86N104.27W to 104.97W ssa_sfjp_092094_cm5285.gif
airsar_5286.tar.gz 72.7MB 1994-04-17 53.97N to 53.85N104.27W to 104.96W ssa_sfjp_041794_cm5286.gif
airsar_5288.tar.gz 75.2MB 1994-04-20 53.97N to 53.85N104.26W to 104.95W ssa_sfjp_042094_cm5288.gif
airsar_5334.tar.gz 464.5MB 1994-04-20 56.03N to 55.81N97.59W to 99.35W nsa_042094_cm5334.gif
airsar_5337.tar.gz 465.2MB 1994-04-20 55.98N to 55.80N97.54W to 99.30W nsa_042094_cm5337.gif
airsar_5338.tar.gz 469.7MB 1994-04-26 55.96N to 55.73N97.00W to 98.76W nsa_042694_cm5338.gif
airsar_5339.tar.gz 392.8MB 1994-04-26 56.03N to 55.83N97.74W to 99.33W nsa_042694_cm5339.gif
airsar_5340.tar.gz 471.0MB 1994-04-26 56.16N to 55.81N97.60W to 99.38W nsa_042694_cm5340.gif
airsar_5341.tar.gz 135.0MB 1994-04-26 55.90N to 55.80N97.60W to 98.54W nsa_042694_cm5341.gif
airsar_5342.tar.gz 115.3MB 1994-04-28 56.03N to 55.79N97.47W to 98.40W nsa_042894_cm5342.gif
airsar_5343.tar.gz 468.8MB 1994-04-28 56.11N to 55.80N97.50W to 99.29W nsa_042894_cm5343.gif
airsar_5355.tar.gz 467.9MB 1994-04-17 55.95N to 55.68N97.26W to 99.09W nsa_041794_cm5355.gif
airsar_5356.tar.gz 266.4MB 1994-04-17 55.99N to 55.75N97.91W to 99.25W nsa_041794_cm5356.gif
airsar_5359.tar.gz 467.6MB 1994-04-17 56.11N to 55.80N97.48W to 99.26W nsa_041794_cm5359.gif
airsar_5360.tar.gz 311.3MB 1994-04-17 56.08N to 55.79N97.41W to 98.82W nsa_041794_cm5360.gif
airsar_5361.tar.gz 466.7MB 1994-04-20 55.95N to 55.68N97.25W to 99.09W nsa_042094_cm5361.gif
airsar_5362.tar.gz 466.9MB 1993-08-12 54.10N to 53.41N104.45W to 105.43W ssa_pra_081293_cm5362.gif
airsar_5376.tar.gz 468.6MB 1993-08-12 54.19N to 53.50N104.59W to 105.57W ssa_pra_081293_cm5376.gif
airsar_5383.tar.gz 469.2MB 1993-08-12 54.23N to 53.55N104.75W to 105.72W ssa_pra_081293_cm5383.gif
airsar_5384.tar.gz 75.7MB 1993-08-12 53.91N to 53.76N104.20W to 105.12W ssa_jp_081293_cm5384.gif
airsar_5385.tar.gz 75.1MB 1993-08-12 54.14N to 54.00N104.89W to 105.77W ssa_jp_081293_cm5385.gif
airsar_5386.tar.gz 75.1MB 1993-08-12 53.95N to 53.81N104.26W to 105.15W ssa_jp_081293_cm5386.gif
airsar_5389.tar.gz 469.1MB 1993-08-12 54.22N to 53.53N104.90W to 105.87W ssa_pra_081293_cm5389.gif
airsar_5396.tar.gz 463.9MB 1993-08-12 54.13N to 53.45N105.86W to 106.82W ssa_pra_081293_cm5396.gif
airsar_5398.tar.gz 468.4MB 1993-08-12 54.16N to 53.46N105.11W to 106.08W ssa_pra_081293_cm5398.gif
airsar_5399.tar.gz 468.6MB 1993-08-12 54.19N to 53.50N105.70W to 106.67W ssa_pra_081293_cm5399.gif
airsar_5401.tar.gz 463.0MB 1994-07-21 53.97N to 53.73N103.77W to 105.53W ssa_072194_cm5401.gif
airsar_5408.tar.gz 469.2MB 1993-08-12 54.19N to 53.50N106.02W to 106.97W ssa_pra_081293_cm5408.gif

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