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BOREAS RSS-10 TOMS Circumpolar One-Degree PAR Images


DatasetBOREAS RSS-10 TOMS Circumpolar One-Degree PAR Images
Release date1999-11-16
ProjectBoreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study (BOREAS)
Time period1979-05-01 to 1989-09-30

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The BOREAS RSS-10 team investigated the magnitude of daily, seasonal, and yearly variations of PAR from ground and satellite observations. This data set contains satellite estimates of surface-incident photosynthetically active radiation (PAR, 400-700 nm, MJ m-2) at 1 degree spatial resolution. The spatial coverage is circumpolar from latitudes of 41 to 66 degrees N latitude.

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Dye, D., and B.N. Holben. 1999. BOREAS RSS-10 TOMS Circumpolar One-Degree PAR Images. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA.

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Data Files

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Data File (Granule)File SizeDates
rss10-toms-par1m8909.img 56.2KB 1979-05-01 to 1989-09-30
rss10-toms-par1mav09.img 56.2KB 1979-05-01 to 1989-09-30
rss10-toms-par1mcv09.img 56.2KB 1979-05-01 to 1989-09-30
rss10-toms-par1msd09.img 56.2KB 1979-05-01 to 1989-09-30
rss10-toms-par3m79.img 56.2KB 1979-05-01 to 1989-09-30
rss10-toms-par3mav.img 56.2KB 1979-05-01 to 1989-09-30
rss10-toms-par3mcv.img 56.2KB 1979-05-01 to 1989-09-30
rss10-toms-par3msd.img 56.2KB 1979-05-01 to 1989-09-30
rss10-toms-par5m80.img 56.2KB 1979-05-01 to 1989-09-30
rss10-toms-par5mav.img 56.2KB 1979-05-01 to 1989-09-30
rss10-toms-par5mcv.img 56.2KB 1979-05-01 to 1989-09-30
rss10-toms-par5msd.img 56.1KB 1979-05-01 to 1989-09-30
rss10-toms-sm1m7905.img 31.6KB 1979-05-01 to 1989-09-30

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