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The Tower Fluxes (TF) Group

TF Group Objectives

A primary objective of the TF Group was to obtain time-series of surface fluxes of heat, moisture, CO2 and CH4 using micrometeorological techniques at a variety of surface types characteristic of the boreal forest. They were designed to be complementary to chamber observations and process-oriented studies on smaller scales (TE, TGB), and aircraft studies (AFM, RSS) to provide the basis for extrapolation of results to obtain regional flux estimates over periods of days to seasons. Analysis and modeling of these observations will provide a basis for improving surface-atmosphere exchange models.
A single site in the SSA (SSA-OA; TF-1, TF-2) and one in the NSA (NSA-OBS; TF-3) has operated continuously from late 1993 onwards. Other TF sites, except for TF-6, operated between the beginning of IFC-1 (May 1994) and the end of IFC-3 (September 1994).

BOREAS Field Campaigns 1994

Ten TF towers operated almost continuously during the growing season of 1994, measuring radiation, heat, water, CO2 and in some cases CH4 and other trace gas fluxes. Two of the sites, one in the NSA and one in the SSA have operated more-or-less continuously from the fall of 1993 onwards. View preliminary results from the TF group.

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The TF Teams

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Boreal Forest Atmosphere Interactions: Exchanges of Energy, Water vapor and Trace Gases (SSA-OA)
P.I.(s): Andrew Black -- University of British Columbia; George W. Thurtell -- University of Guelph
Co-I(s): Ken M. King, Paul M. Voroney. G.E. Kidd -- Univ. of Guelph; M.D. Novak -- Univ. of British Columbia

AES Flux Tower Measurements for BOREAS: Exchange of Energy, Water vapor and Trace Gases Project (SSA-OA)
P.I.(s): Gerry den Hartog -- Atmospheric Environment Service (AES)
Co-I(s): R.E. Mickie, Harold H. Neumann, N.B.A. Trivett -- AES

Eddy Correlation Flux Measurements of CO2, and H2O for BOREAS (NSA-OBS)
P.I.(s): Steven C. Wofsy -- Harvard University
Co-I(s): J. William Munger, Bruce C. Daube, Michael L. Goulden, K.A. Boering, J.D. Burley -- Harvard Univ.

Exchange of Trace Gases, Water and Energy in Disturbed and Undisturbed Boreal Forests (SSA-YJP)
P.I.(s): Dean E. Anderson, Robert G. Striegl -- United States Geological Service (USGS)
Co-I(s): E. McConnaughey, David I. Stannard -- USGS

Experimental and Modeling Studies of Water Vapor, Sensible Heat, and CO2 Exchange Over and Under a Boreal Forest (SSA-OJP)
P.I.(s): Dennis Baldocchi -- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Co-I(s): Tim Crawford, T. Meyers, Robert McMillen -- NOAA

Study of the Boreal Forest Effects on Surface/Atmosphere Fluxes (SSA-YA)
P.I.(s): Pierre Bessemoulin -- Centre National de Recherches Meteorologiques (CNRM) (Meteo-France)
Collaborators: Gilles Bouhours, Emmanuel Gizard, Guy Lachaud, Jacques Marcel, Dominique Puech -- CNRM

Areal Estimates of Mass and Energy Exchange from a Boreal Forest Biome (SSA-OBS)
P.I.(s): Raymond L. Desjardins, Elizabeth Pattey -- Agriculture Canada; Ian MacPherson -- National Research Council (NRC)
Co-I.(s): Peter H. Schuepp -- McGill Univ.; K. Nakane, M. Hayashi -- Japan; Gerry St-Amour -- Agriculture Canada

Surface Exchange Observations in the Canadian Boreal Forest Region (NSA-OJP)
P.I.(s): David R. Fitzjarrald -- State University of New York, Albany, Atmospheric Sciences Research Center
Co-I(s): Kathleen E. Moore -- State Univ. of New York, Albany

The CO2 Exchanges of Boreal Black Spruce Forest (SSA-OBS)
P.I.(s): Paul G. Jarvis, John B. Moncrieff -- University of Edinburgh
Co-I(s): Jonathan M. Massheder, Mark Rayment, Sophie Hale, Steve Scott -- Univ. of Edinburgh

Surface Energy and Water Balances of Forest and Wetland Subsystems in the Boreal Forest: Surface-Atmosphere Links and Ecological Controls (NSA-YJP; NSA-Fen)
P.I.(s): J. Harry McCaughey -- Queen's University; Dennis E. Jelinski -- State Univ. of New York at Buffalo
Collaborators: Peter M. Lafleur and Jim Buttle -- Trent Univ.

Field Micrometeorological Measurements, Process-Level Studies and Modeling of Methane and Carbon Dioxide Fluxes in a Boreal Wetland Ecosystem (SSA-Fen)
P.I.(s): Shashi B. Verma -- University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Co-I(s): Tim J. Arkebauer, Frank G. Ullman -- Univ. of Nebraska; William J. Parton, D.S. Schimel, D.W. Valentine -- Colorado State Univ.

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