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Southern Study Area - Old Black Spruce Site (SSA-OBS)

The southern Old Black Spruce site was equipped with a 25 meter double-scaffold tower (with internal steps) extending 5 m above the forest canopy. Screw anchors for tower foundations and guy-wire anchors had to be drilled into the mineral soil beneath a one-meter deep mat of sphagnum moss. View an aerial photo-map of the SSA-OBS site.

Location of the SSA within Canada.

Location of the Old Black Spruce site within the SSA.

Map of the Southern Study Area Old Black Spruce site.

SSA Old Black Spruce Flux Tower
also called SSA-OBS-FLXTR (click here for detailed info)
Latitude: 53.98717 UTM Easting: 492276.5 BOREAS X: 385.012
Longitude: -105.11779 UTM Northing: 5982100.5 BOREAS Y: 348.646
Elevation (ASL): 628.94 m UTM Zone: 13

Pictures from the SSA-OBS Site

The 1.3 km road and boardwalk from OBS (facing North)

The ARGO ATV used to haul equipment to OBS

The double-scaffold flux tower

The control box at the base of the flux tower

The hut and boardwalk

The TE canopy tower

A CO2 flux chamber instrument at SSA-OBS

The ground cover at OBS

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