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Southern Study Area - Old Jack Pine Site (SSA-OJP)

The Southern Old Jack Pine site contained a large scaffold-style flux tower, linked by cables to a thinner truss tower 100 meters away. There was an under-canopy radiation sensor mounted on a movable cart on a track running under the trees. There was also a large canopy access tower to allow scientists to get direct acess to the canopy for experiments. View an aerial photo-map of the SSA-OJP site.

Location of the SSA within Canada.

Location of the Old Jack Pine site within the SSA.

Map of the Southern Study Area Old Jack Pine site.

SSA Old Jack Pine Flux Tower
also called SSA-OJP-FLXTR (click here for detailed info)
Latitude: 53.91634 UTM Easting: 520227.7 BOREAS X: 413.52
Longitude: -104.69203 UTM Northing: 5974257.5 BOREAS Y: 343.226
Elevation (ASL): 579.27 m UTM Zone: 13

Pictures from the SSA-OJP Site

The road to the OJP site

The flux tower and the hut

The flux tower<

The truss tower connected to
the flux tower by cables

The canopy access tower

The SRC meteorology tower

The under-canopy flux station

The under-canopy radiation track
This is a 14 meter-long metal track in the forest
with a mobile radiometer out on an arm on a small
motorized cart (visible at the center of the picture)
that travels through the forest taking measurements
of PAR and net radiation.

The moss-covered jack pine tree

The ground cover at the OJP site

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Revison Date: January 25, 1999