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Northern Study Area - Old Jack Pine Site (NSA-OJP)

The Old Jack Pine site contained a large flux tower, an SRC AMS (met) tower, and many other instruments. It also had a Terrestrial Ecology (TE) tower that topped out in the canopy of large pine trees. This allowed researchers to take samples from within the canopy, and to make measurements using the living trees themselves. View an aerial photo-map of the NSA-OJP site.

Location of the NSA within Canada.

Location of the Old Jack Pine site within the NSA.

Map of the Northern Study Area Old Jack Pine site.

NSA Old Jack Pine Flux Tower
also called NSA-OJP-FLXTR (click here for detailed info)
Latitude: 55.92842 UTM Easting: 523496.2 BOREAS X: 768.494
Longitude: -98.62396 UTM Northing: 6198176.3 BOREAS Y: 617.236
Elevation (ASL): 255.1 m UTM Zone: 14

Pictures from the NSA-OJP Site

The dirt road leading to the NAS-OJP site

Jack pines and ground cover

Canopy access tower near the road

Rain gauge

Base of the SRC Met tower

SRC Met tower

Laser Ceilometer

Hut and Dave Fitzjarrald

Hut and flux tower

Flux tower and climber

The NOAA RASS Doppler Radar/Lidar

Near the NSA-OJP site was the NOAA RASS Doppler radar/lidar, run by AFM-6. It measured profiles of wind, turbulence quantities, and temperature as functions of time. The radar also measured the structure of clouds overhead.

The NOAA Doppler Radar near NSA-OJP

A NOAA Doppler Radar Image (with comments)

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