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Northern Study Area - Young Jack Pine Site (NSA-YJP)

This site was located in a large area of young jack pines, all only about 2 meters high. This is the result of a fire in the area around 1984 (approx.). Jack Pine cones are sealed shut by sap, and it is only the intense heat of fire that boils the sap and causes the cones to pop open, thus releasing the seeds onto the newly burned (and enriched) soil. View an aerial photo-map of the NSA-YJP site.

Location of the NSA within Canada.

Location of the Young Jack Pine site within the NSA.

Map of the Northern Study Area Young Jack Pine site.

NSA Young Jack Pine Flux Tower
also called NSA-YJP-FLXTR (click here for detailed info)
Latitude: 55.89575 UTM Easting: 544583.9 BOREAS X: 789.845
Longitude: -98.28706 UTM Northing: 6194706.9 BOREAS Y: 617.424
Elevation (ASL): 249.29 m UTM Zone: 14

Pictures from the NSA-YJP Site

The hut, tent, and dirt road from the flux tower

The sun photometer on top of the hut

The bottom of the YJP flux tower

The hut with the flux tower behind it

The ground cover at the YJP site

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