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TGB Group Objectives

The objectives of the TGB group in BOREAS are:

BOREAS Field Campaigns 1994

Ten TGB teams used chamber measurements and other techniques to characterize the flux of trace gases between the soil and the atmosphere, including CO2, CH4 and non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC's). The TGB group is also trying to quantify the long-term accumulation of carbon in boreal soils. View preliminary results from the TGB group.

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The TGB Teams

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Magnitude and Control of Trace Gas Exchange in Boreal Ecosystems
P.I.(s): Patrick M. Crill -- University of New Hampshire
Location: NSA
Sites: OJP, YJP, Beaver Pond, OBS
Duration: May-September

Carbon Dioxide and Methane Exchanges Between Wetland and Upland Soils and the Atmosphere, NSA
P.I.(s): Timothy R. Moore, Roger Knowles -- McGill University
Co-I's: John Amaral, Lianne Bellisario, Jill Bubier, Kathleen Savage -- McGill University
Location: NSA
Sites: Fen, palsa, jack pine (successional gradient), aspen and other auxiliary sites
Duration: May-September 1994

The Fluxes of Energy and Trace Gases from Beaver Ponds and Dry Upland Forest Floor in the NSA
P.I.(s): Nigel T. Roulet -- York University

Trace Gas Exchange in the Boreal Forest Biome: Effects of Fire and Beaver Activity
P.I.(s): Richard G. Zepp -- Environmental Research Laboratory (AERL), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Co-I(s): Roger A. Burke -- AERL; Joel S. Levine, W.R. Cofer -- NASA/Langley; Dennis S. Ojima, William J. Parton -- Colorado State Univ.; Brian J. Stocks -- Forestry Canada; Richard A. Bourbonniere -- Environment Canada; M.A. Moran, R.E. Hodson -- Univ. of Georgia
Location: NSA
Sites: mostly auxiliary recent burn sites (less than 15 yrs) (total of 5; 4 upland black spruce, 1 jack pine); work on 2 beaver pond sites in NSA
Duration: May to September

Isotopic Composition of Methane Produced and Consumed in Boreal Ecosystems
PI(s): Martin Wahlen, Bruce Deck -- Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego
Location: NSA and SSA
Sites: SSA wet/dry - possibly fen - black spruce - aspen; NSA wet/dry - possibly beaver pond - old black spruce - jack pine

Atmospheric Transport of Agricultural Pesticides into the Boreal Ecosystem
P.I.(s): Don T. Waite -- Environment Canada

The Relationship Between Non-Methane Hydrocarbon Emission and Leaf Carbon Balance in the Boreal Forest: An Approach for Mechanistic Ecosystem Modeling
P.I.(s): Manuel Lerdau and Russell Monson -- University of Colorado
Location: SSA
Sites: OBS and OA
Duration: IFCs 1994

Ambient Measurements of Ozone, Nitrogen Oxides and Non-Methane Hydrocarbons
P.I.(s): Hiromi Niki -- York University, Ontario
Location: SSA (some NSA)
Sites: young and old aspen, black spruce, pine
Duration: August 1993, mostly IFCs 1994

Measurement of Biogenic Hydrocarbon Fluxes and Surface Exchange Processes in a Boreal Forest
P.I.(s): Hal Westberg -- Washington State University
Co-I(s): Nick Hewitt -- Lancaster University
Location: SSA (some NSA)
Sites: young and old aspen, black spruce, pine
Duration: August 1993, mostly IFCs 1994

Input, Accumulation, and Turnover of Carbon in Boreal Forest Soils: Integrating 14C Isotopic Analyses with Ecosystem Dynamics
P.I.(s): Susan E. Trumbore -- University of California, Irvine
Co-I(s): Eric A. Davidson -- Woods Hole Research Center; Jennifer Harden, Eric Sundquist -- USGS

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