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Northern Study Area - Fen Site (NSA-Fen)

The Fen site had a flux tower in the middle of a fen -- a large boggy wetland. A boardwalk extends out into the middle of the fen, allowing access to plants and soils. There is a collapsed palsa (a pocket of ice covered by ground where the ice melted and the ground collapsed). This is filled with water and has an additional boardwalk in it for trace gas studies. View an aerial photo-map of the NSA-Fen site.

Location of the NSA within Canada.

Location of the Fen site within the NSA.

The Fen from the air, looking North.
You can see the boardwalk, the
hut, and the size of the bog. The road
(Highway 391) is visible at the
top. The round "crater" near the
base of the boardwalk on the
right is a collapsed palsa.

Map of the Northern Study Area Fen site.

NSA Fen Pond Flux Tower
also called NSA-FEN-FLXTR (click here for detailed info)
Latitude: 55.91481 UTM Easting: 536207.9 BOREAS X: 781.25
Longitude: -98.42072 UTM Northing: 6196749.6 BOREAS Y: 618.005
Elevation (ASL): 211.33 m UTM Zone: 14

Pictures from the NSA-Fen Site

The ground cover on the Fen itself

The hut and flux tower

The Fen site from the shore looking toward the hut

The Fen site flux tower

The boardwalk in the Fen, looking back at the shore

The generator shed and the storage tent

The boardwalk in the collapsed palsa

The gas collectors in the collapsed palsa

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