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The Terrestrial Ecology (TE) Group

TE Group Objectives

The objectives of the Terrestrial Ecology (TE) group are:

To meet these objectives requires:

  1. Development and testing of methods to scale chamber measurements to the stand, landscape, and regional scales.
  2. Collection of data required for parameterization of models
  3. Development of carbon, nitrogen, water, and energy budgets for the major ecosystem types for different climates and overstory ages.
  4. Measurement of different sample locations in order to characterize the variability of the different boreal ecosystems present across the landscape.

Studies by members of the TE group characterized stocks of organic material and nutrients, estimated fluxes of carbon and nutrients, characterized optical properties of foliage, estimated productivity of lakes from remote sensing, and modeled fluxes, stocks and populations from ground-based or remote sensing data. Many of the TE studies are oriented towards one of three goals:

  1. Estimating the components of a complete annual carbon budget for comparison with the tower flux measurements.
  2. Estimating photosynthesis and stomatal conductance from remotely-sensed data
  3. Modeling productivity and carbon storage of the boreal forest from remotely-sensed data.

BOREAS Field Experiments 1994

Over twenty teams are examining the biophysical controls on carbon, nutrient, water and energy fluxes for the major ecosystems in the boreal landscape and will develop models and algorithms to scale chamber measurements to stand, landscape, and regional scales. An important focus for the TE group is the measurement of components of the carbon cycle. A number of small towers were installed in the study areas to facilitate access to the vegetation canopy for chamber measurements and other in-situ work. View preliminary results from the TE group.

For more information on TE data, send e-mail to Shelaine Curd,
the BORIS representative for the TE group.

The TE Teams

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Stores and Dynamics of Organic Matter in Boreal Ecosystems
P.I.(s): Darwin W. Anderson -- University of Saskatchewan
Co-I(s): Jeff J. Schoenau, Euan G. Nisbet -- Univ. of Saskatchewan; Donald Pluth -- Univ. of Alberta

Autotrophic Respiration in Boreal Ecosystems
P.I.(s): Michael G. Ryan -- United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Collaborator(s): Michael Lavigne -- Forestry Canada

Measurement and Prediction of CO2 and H2O Exchange from Boreal Forest Tree Species
P.I.(s): Joe A. Berry -- Carnegie Institution of Washington
Co-I(s): Jim Collatz -- Carnegie Inst. of Washington; John Gamon -- Calif. State Univ. Los Angeles

Vegetation-Atmosphere CO2 and H2O Exchange Processes: Stable Isotope Analyses
P.I.(s): James R. Ehleringer -- University of Utah; Larry B. Flanagan -- University of Lethbridge
Collaborator: J. Renee Brooks

Measurement and Scaling of Carbon Budgets for Contrasting Boreal Forest Sites
P.I.(s): Stith T. Gower -- University of Wisconsin
Co-I(s): John M. Norman -- University of Wisconsin

Climate Change Effects on Net Primary Productivity of Productivity of Aspen and Jack Pine at the Southern Limit of the Boreal Forest
P.I.(s): E.H. (Ted) Hogg -- Forestry Canada
Co-I(s): P.A. (Rick) Hurdel, Ian Campbell, Thierry Varem-Sanders -- Forestry Canada

The Tree's Bark Input in Tree-Atmosphere Interactions
P.I.(s): Slava Kharuk -- Russian Academy of Sciences

Relationship Between Measures of Absorbed and Reflected Radiation and the Photosynthetic Capacity of Boreal Forest Canopies and Understories
P.I.(s): Hank A. Margolis -- Universit`eacute Laval
Collaborators: Geoffrey Edwards, Keith Thomson, Alain Viau -- Universit`eacute Laval

CO2 and Water Fluxes in the Boreal Forest Overstory: Relationship to fAPAR and Vegetation Indices for Needles/Leaves
P.I.(s): Elizabeth Middleton -- NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Co-I(s): Joseph H. Sullivan -- Univ. of Maryland; Robert G. Knox -- NASA/GSFC

Seasonal Variations of Net Photosynthesis and Transpiration at the Tree Level
P.I.(s): Bernard Saugier -- Universite Paris
Collaborator(s): Andre Granier, Eric Dufrene, Jean-Yves Pontailler, Anne Ruimy

Radiation and Gas Exchange of Canopy Elements in a Boreal Forest
P.I.(s): Elizabeth A. Walter-Shea -- University of Nebraska
Co-I(s): Tim J. Arkebauer - -University of Nebraska

Annual Carbon Budget and Climate-induced Changes in Boreal Forest Ecosystems at the Landscape Level
P.I.(s): Michael Apps -- Forestry Canada
Co-I(s): D. Price, W. Kurz -- Forestry Canada

Estimating Regional Biosphere-Atmosphere Exchange of Carbon Dioxide and Water in Boreal Forests with Ecosystem Models
P.I.(s): Gordon B. Bonan -- National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)

Utilizing Remotely Sensed Data to Model Limnological Carbon Budgets and Primary Production in Boreal Ecosystems
P.I.(s): Robert P. Bukata, John H. Jerome -- National Water Research Institute (NWRI); John R. Miller -- York University
Co-I(s): M.S. Evans -- NHRI; R.A. Armstrong, R.C. Wrigley -- NASA/ARC; E.J. Fee -- FI Winnipeg; Gallie -- Laurentian Univ.

Land Cover and Primary Productivity in the Boreal Forest
P.I.(s): Josef Cihlar -- Canada Center for Remote Sensing (CCRS)
Co-I(s): Zhanqing Li, Jing M. Chen -- CCRS; Raymond Desjardins -- Agriculture Canada

Biospheric Dynamics in the Boreal Forest Ecotone
P.I.(s): Samuel N. Goward -- University of Maryland
Co.I.(s): Steven D. Prince, Ralph Dubayah, John Townshend -- Univ. of Maryland; Compton J. Tucker -- NASA/GSFC

Regional-Scale Carbon Flux from Modeling and Remote Sensing
P.I.(s): Forrest G. Hall, Piers J. Sellers -- NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Modeling Climate-Biosphere Interactions in the Boreal Forest
P.I.(s): Robert C. Harriss -- University of New Hampshire
Co-I(s): John Aber, Steven E. Frolking -- University of New Hampshire

Multidiscipline Integrative Models of Forest Ecosystem Dynamics for the Boreal Forest Biome: Modeling Gas and Energy Fluxes from Landscapes
P.I.(s): Robert G. Knox -- NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Co-I(s): Elissa R. Levine, K. Jon Ranson, S.M. Goltz -- NASA/GSFC

Simulation of Boreal Ecosystem Carbon and Water Budgets: Scaling from Local to Regional Extents
P.I.(s): Steven Running -- University of Montana
Co-I(s): Ramakrishna Nemani -- Univ. of Montana; David Peterson, Jennifer Dungan, Joseph Coughlan -- NASA/ARC; David Harding -- NASA/GSFC; Eric Wood -- Princeton Univ.; L. Scuderi -- Boston Univ.; Anthony Price, T. Carleton -- Univ. of Toronto

Multidiscipline Integrative Models of Forest Ecosystem Dynamics for the Boreal Forest Biome
P.I.(s): Herman H. Shugart -- University of Virginia
Co-I(s): T.M. Smith -- University of Virginia

Canopy Architecture of Boreal Forests: Studies of Solar Radiation, Leaf Area Index, and Forest Dynamics
P.I.(s): Paul M. Rich -- University of Kansas

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