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Southern Study Area - Young Jack Pine Site (SSA-YJP)

The Young Jack Pine site is located just south of the Narrow Hills Provincial Park, west of Route 106. It has a small truss-style flux tower down a small trail from the hut. View an aerial photo-map of the SSA-YJP site.

Location of the SSA within Canada.

Location of the Young Jack Pine site within the SSA.

Map of the Southern Study Area Young Jack Pine site.

SSA Young Jack Pine Flux Tower
also called SSA-YJP-FLXTR (click here for detailed info)
Latitude: 53.87581 UTM Easting: 523320.2 BOREAS X: 416.988
Longitude: -104.64529 UTM Northing: 5969762.5 BOREAS Y: 339.008
Elevation (ASL): 533.54 m UTM Zone: 13

Pictures from the SSA-YJP Site

Beginning of the "flagged path"
to the tower, from the road

The "new trail" to the YJP site,
looking towards the site

The hut and tent

Sun Photometer on top
of hut (with RSS-11)

Base of YJP flux tower

Young jack pine trees

Ground cover at the YJP site

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Revison Date: January 25, 1999