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TF-6: Study of the Boreal Forest Effects on Surface/Atmosphere Fluxes (SSA-YA)

P.I.(s): Pierre Bessemoulin -- Centre National de Recherches Meteorologiques (CNRM) (Meteo-France)
Collaborators: Gilles Bouhours, Emmanuel Gizard, Guy Lachaud, Jacques Marcel, Dominique Puech -- CNRM

Objectives: The research program includes measurement of the turbulent and radiative fluxes modelling of interactions between the surface (soil, vegetation, snow) and atmosphere at local, meso and large scale (CNRM); radiative fluxes and atmospheric optics measurements (LOA, LERTS); airborne remote sensing measurements with the POLDER instrument (LOA, LMCE, NASA). The equipment operated at the Young Aspen site in the SSA in IFC-2 and IFC-3.
Measurements of the fraction of PAR and NIR radiation intercepted by NSA-OJP and NSA-OBS forest continuously, that is from sunrise to sunset and from May to September (including IFC-1, IFC-2, and IFC-3). Sample within the forest using a large number (around 100) of small optical sensors located at different levels on a vertical 12-meters mast. FPAR and LAI can be estimated as a result.

TF-6 Pictures

The pole-tower at the SSA-YA site

Solar panels powering the site,
mounted on a folding ladder

TF-6 Data Sets

  • SSA-YA Flux Data
  • SSA-YA Met Data

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    TF-6 BOREAS Operations 1994

    Document the atmospheric forcing and the resulting fluxes of heat, evaporation and momentum over a representative ecosystem of the boreal forest.

    Types of Data Collected:
    Meteorological measurements: Wind speed and direction at 10m, temperature and humidity above and in canopy, rainfall, pressure, upward and downward solar and total radiation, soil temperature at -1 and -5 cm, soil heat flux; Sensible, latent and momentum fluxes using Eddy correlation

    Place and Times of Measurements:

  • SSA/ Young Aspen (53 deg 39' N; 105 deg 20' W)
  • Continuously from 18th July to 20 September (IOP 2 and 3)

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