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Northern Study Area - Beaver Pond Site (NSA-BP)

The Northern Study Area (NSA) Beaver Pond site was mainly a TGB site for monitoring gas intake and output from a standard pond. It had a small flux tower located on a floating platform in the middle of a beaver pond.

Location of the NSA within Canada.

Location of the Beaver Pond site within the NSA.

Map of the Northern Study Area Beaver Pond site.

NSA Beaver Pond Flux Tower
also called NSA-BVP-FLXTR (click here for detailed info)
Latitude: 55.84225 UTM Easting: 560900.6 BOREAS X: 806.893
Longitude: -98.02747 UTM Northing: 6188950.7 BOREAS Y: 614.537
Elevation (ASL): 186.74 m UTM Zone: 14

Pictures from the NSA-BP Site

The storage tent and gas collectors

The TGB gas collectors on the beaver pond

The bridge and the 3 meter flux tower

The beaver lodge

The bridge from the flux tower
This is the floating bridge leading from the flux tower back to the shore.
The large tent for holding equipment is clearly visible on the shore.

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