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Southern Study Area - Prince Albert Airport

The airport for the Southern Study Area was the Prince Albert Airport, located about 90 km south from BOREAS Operations in Candle Lake.

Location of the SSA within Canada.

Location of the Prince Albert Airport, south of the SSA.

SSA Prince Albert Airport
[actually, the location of the RSS-11 Sunphotometer at the airport]
also called SSA-999-YPA01 (click here for detailed info)
Latitude: 53.20004 UTM Easting: 454320.6 BOREAS X: 354.73
Longitude: -105.68383 UTM Northing: 5894742.2 BOREAS Y: 258.25
Elevation (ASL): 425 m UTM Zone: 13

Pictures from the SSA-Airport Site

The RSS-11 Sunphotometer at the airport

Pictures of BOREAS Aircraft

The NOAA Long-EZ Ultralight plane

The NASA C-130

The NASA Helicopter

The University of Wyoming King Air

The Ontario Chieftain

The NRC Twin Otter

The NCAR Electra

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